Date Posted:25 September 2017 

Hip Kids Christmas Gift Guide

Toys make the ideal Christmas purchase for a child, fueling their imagination and stimulating their senses to help them learn and grow. But in order to get hours of satisfaction and entertainment out of your purchases, you need to make sure the toys are age-appropriate. They need to spark your child's individual interests too.

Toys play an important role in a child's education and development. Most toys are based on an educational theory known as "constructivism" - the idea that children create their own knowledge by actively participating in the learning process. Playing with toys allows a child to create their own play environment, which stimulates their imagination and improvisation skills. Many toys offer the bonus of improving fine motor skills and strength too.

Want the best toys for your kids this Christmas? Read this Christmas Gift Guide to learn what toys are age appropriate and what to expect from each gift you buy. To make it easy, we've listed our favourites with individual interest in mind.

Age 12 - 24 months

"Active" is an apt way to describe your child at this age. Small hands are becoming more coordinated, their understanding of the world is clearer, and their new ability to move more means they love toys that let them throw their whole selves in - balls, swings, climbing sets etc. Play at this age involves a lot of experimentation, with thoughts like, "what happens if I drop this ball?" or "what happens if I push this button?". Consequence is a genuine interest for most little tots, and because their memory isn't well developed, your toddler won't tire of repetition.

  • Push and Pull Toys

    For the on-the-go toddler...

    Ages 1 - 2

    Heavily weighted push toys can give your toddler some stability as he or she starts to motor around your home. Pull toys are for the slightly more advanced, allowing a child to look behind them as they charge from room to room.

    Our beautifully constructed Wooden Baby Walker with Block Set comes complete with a set of 30 wooden alphabet and numerical blocks.

    Not only will your child be supported as they take their first steps, but the wooden blocks will help them develop their literacy and numeracy skills from a young age.

  • Climbing gym

    For emerging motor skills...

    Ages 1 - 2

    A small climbing gym or cubby house can give your toddler a safe place to slide, climb, hide, and practice their emerging motor skills. An all round sport, activity and form of exercise, climbing gyms and cubby's offer hours of fun.

    Our Emerson Cubby House offers a climbing wall, slide and sandpit, and enhances play and imagination. Made from high quality pine timber, it's easy to construct and will be ready for play in just 2-3 hours.

  • Musical instrument

    For the musical toddler...

    Ages 1 - 2

    Music plays an important role in a child's life and it's never too early to get them excited by an instrument. The Hip Kids Musical Activity Table is so much fun to play with, with both sides featuring lots of little sound-producing contraptions, including a mini xylophone and drum. Made from ecologically sourced wood and metal, its musical mallets are attached, meaning they'll never be lost.

  • Sorting and nesting toys

    For the curious toddler...

    Ages 1 - 2

    Toddlers love to sort, stack, unsort, unstack and knock down. Small hands are becoming more coordinated between 1-2 years old, and with that comes excitement for efficient sorting and the building of towers. Early problem-solving skills can be rapidly developed with toys like Baby's First Wooden Block Set. Complete with a cotton storage bag, your little one can discover letters, numbers, colourful patterns and more.


Gifts for children aged 2-4 years

When buying toys for 2-4 years, it's important to understand what your child is capable of. By age two, your toddler should be able to walk and run well. They might be able to kick a ball and jump in one place with both feet. By age three they might be balancing on one foot, throwing a ball overarm, or be interested in riding vehicles. Creative arts and imaginative play should be a primary focus, as this encourages them to explore the world in their own way. Look for toys that foster art, construction, imagination or exercise, and your toddler will thank you for it.

  • Doll house with furniture

    For the creative...

    Ages 2 - 4

    The Remi's Doll House is the perfect accessory to promote creative and imaginative play for your child. 

    Complete with 30 pieces of mini furniture and a 4 doll family set, your little one will be entertained for hours as they fit-out their very own doll house. Make the gift even more special by personalising the doll house with a name sticker.

  • Kitchen Set

    For the imaginative...

    Ages 2 - 4

    Kids love to imitate their parents at this age and will get a kick out of copying you in the kitchen.

    Get down and play with them and you can turn a toy kitchen set into an ideal opportunity to teach your child valuable skills and lessons about health and nutrition.

    The Hip Kids Stylish White Toy Kitchen Set consists of a standalone toy kitchen and matching toy fridge. For the budding chef, they can cook in serious style!

  • Pedal cars

    For the explorer...

    Ages 2 - 4

    Pedal-powered vehicles put toddlers in the driving seat, allowing them to get themselves from one place to another without the help of a parent.

    Both physical and mental development play a role when using a pedal car, and each time their feet touch the pedals they will be working on strength, balance, spatial awareness and basic motor skills.

    The Baghera Ride on Racer is ideal for adventurous toddlers, and its durable construction and adjustable design means it will stand the test of time.

  • Wheel barrow

    For the outdoors type...

    Ages 2 - 4

    Your toddler can learn new skills, have fun, play, and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden. 2-4 year-olds love being outdoors and digging in the soil, and growing their own food can make healthy eating exciting. They'll love it even more with a personalised toy wheelbarrow too.

    Our sturdy Kids Steel Toy Wheelbarrow comes in a number of different colours and is ideal for carrying pots or veggies and transporting toys and tools around the garden.


Gifts for children aged 4-6 years

Your child is now developing skills that will last a lifetime, and whether they are at school or pre-school, they'll be learning so much more than number and letters. Social and emotional skills are important at this age, so try to encourage a variety of play activities that your child can share with others. Look for toys that develop executive function and focus, and help your child learn to play with others through imaginary play, arts and crafts, and organised sport.

  • Chalkboard

    For the artistic...

    Ages 4 - 6

    Children love expressing themselves through the medium of art, and imaginations can run free with a chalkboard. 

    Encourage your child to find the artist within with our Benji Activity Table 2 Chair Set; a versatile table constructed from birchwood with a reversible chalkboard on one side and a solid white finish on the other.

    The split table top design makes it easy to access items in the storage compartment.

  • Teepee

    For the independent...

    Ages 4 - 6

    Nothing beats hiding away from Mum and Dad with your best friend in your very own teepee. Hip Kids Teepees are finished in a durable top quality cotton/poly drill fabric and offer velcro fasteners for easy entry. 

    There's even a funky bell at the top of the opening door to ensure Mum and Dad announce themselves before entering. Hip Kids' teepees also come with a bonus floor mat and matching bag so they it can be transported easily.

  • Lego mat

    For the constructive...

    Ages 4 - 6

    Lego's easy-to-build, easy-to-change-your-ideas, easy-to-undo-and-rebuild design makes it a winning toy for kids of this age group.

    Kids can quickly start to put together models and involve themselves in a world of problem-solving and imaginative construction. Everyone has the 'builder instinct' and Lego fosters this perfectly. It's also an ideal shared activity, with kids happily working together for hours to build something cool.

    With a Lego mat, all the bricks can be easily put away and ready to start again tomorrow.

  • Bookcase

    For the reader...

    Ages 4 - 6

    The more children are exposed to books, the better readers they become.

    That's a fact. Our Billy Bookcase and Storage Unit not only puts books at a handy height to your child, it offers storage for other important items like balls, frisbees and puzzles.

    The contemporary unit will work well in both a boy's or girl's room and its low height ensures safety and easy access to their favourite stories.


Age 6+ years

There's a lot going on with school-aged children, and your child's play might be complex. Children of this age often act out ideas they come across at school or see in the media, and you never quite know if you'll be fixing dinner for a fairy, a rock star or a President. 

Because there's so much going on at this age, children benefit from games that involve rules. This helps them to better control behaviour and emotions, and helps them to understand cause and effect. Your child's memory is improving, therefore repetitive play can become tiresome. With this in mind, look for toys and activities that can be adapted and explored in other ways.

  • Cubby House/Cafe

    For the sociable...

    Ages 4 - 6

    Playdates after school will be common at this age, and your child will love having their own place in which they can hang. It's even better if this place is a trendy cafe, like the Piper Cubby House - the ideal space for interactive and creative play. 

    Made from durable Canadian hardwood timber, it can be erected by one person in less than an hour. Its large side activity window is great for inside/outside interaction, and can be covered in wet weather or when not in use.

  • Comfortable bedding

    For the homebody...

    Ages 4 - 6

    A healthy sleep routine is crucial for school-age children as it directly impacts their mental and physical development. Inadequate sleep can cause cognitive problems that affect a child's ability to learn in school, as well as lead to behavioural issues and general moodiness. It's important to make your child's bedroom conducive to sleep; this means limited technological distractions and comfortable, appropriate bedding.

    Hip Kids have a huge range of stylish and age-appropriate bedroom furniture, including the stunning Scout Kids King Single Bed, which will last them all the way from primary school through to high school.

  • Bean bag

    For the relaxer...

    Ages 4 - 6

    Kids aged 6+ start to crave a little more independence as they get older, and at this age it's not uncommon for them to want to create their own chill-out zone in the home.

    The Brady 2 Seater Bean Bag is an incredibly versatile piece that can be used both inside and outside, transforming any area of your home into the ultimate relaxation zone for your kids! Featuring water resistant fabric, a bottle holder and carry handle, the Brady 2 Seater Bean Bag is a manoeuvrable piece that can go from the play room to the pool.

  • Puzzles

    For the thinker...

    Ages 4 - 6

    As kids grow, they acquire new skills that need to be practiced. Puzzles are fun, challenging, and provide a wonderful sense of accomplishment when complete.

    With puzzles, the goal is clear and feedback is immediate - either it fits or it doesn't. Djeco Gallery Paris Puzzle is a 100 piece puzzle of a playful Parisian scene where animals take the place of humans. Made of high quality cardboard, it ensures hours of entertainment and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


At HipKids, we stock only the most stylish furniture and inspirational toys for children of all ages. Whether you're looking for a toy that encourages imaginative play, assists learning and development, or improves your child's cognitive abilities, HipKids are sure to have an age-appropriate gift that your child will love.

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