Evicted from the Cot – Kids Bedding to Help Smooth the Transition

December 04, 2018

Evicted from the Cot – Kids Bedding to Help Smooth the Transition

Evicted from the Cot – Kids Bedding to Help Smooth the Transition

There comes a time in every child’s life when the familiar bars of the cot must be left behind. Transitioning into a ‘big bed’ can be difficult for any family to figure out – and that’s where kids bedding comes in.


Signs it’s time to transition to a big bed

There are no set rules as to when you should move your baby into a toddler bed. However, common wisdomsets out the following parameters:

• The older the better (closer to 3 years of age) as many younger children will not be ready • When your child is too big or too active to be in the cot anymore

• Continuous climbing out of the cot (you can lower the mattress to put a stop to this if your cot allows)

• At least six to eight weeks before the arrival of an impending sibling OR three to four months after the sibling is born (depending on age and cognitive ability of the toddler)

Some kids will find this transition smooth sailing while others will most definitely NOT. One thing that’s bound to make it easier on everyone? Involving your child in the selection of some unique, beautiful kids bedding that will make their room feel like home.


Choosing the right kids bedding

Allowing your child to have ownership over the design choices in their room will reward them with a sense of autonomy and independence. There can be lots of excited discussion about how they get to decorate everything, choose some great new kids bedding and rearrange the room to suit their tastes! Involving children in decision-making may be a slower route than doing it all yourself but giving them this important job can help ease the transition to the new bed and make it feel like a special new space created just for them.


Keeping them in bed!

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed tactics to keep your child in their bed – no-one is thirstier than a toddler who is meant to be asleep! But tried and true methods include:

• Using night lights to keep fears away

• Having an established bedtime routine that you stick to

• Gentle assistance in guiding the child back to bed when they get out

• Working with them on establishing effective, low stress sleep techniques (the no yelling approach)

• Trying, and trying… and trying again


Take heart!

Your child is unlikely to be coming into your bed looking for cuddles when they’re a teenager. They are only little for a short while – so get those toddler snuggles while you can and know that all kids eventually settle in their own bed.

Night lights can help ease the transition! Shop Our Range Here!

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