Doll Toys & Dolls Prams

Looking for that special gift? HipKids stocks a beautiful range of doll toys, prams & strollers from brands like Miniland, Bonika & Tiny Harlow & Kids Concept.

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50 Results




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HipKids Doll Cot Bedding - reversible Pink
Miniland Anatomically Correct Baby Doll Asian Girl - 38 cm
Low Stock
JaBaDaBaDo Doctors Case Silver
Doll Accessories Bundle Pink
Low Stock

Doll Accessories Bundle


Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Tiny
Low Stock
Olli Ella - Dinkum Dolls Single Romper Rust

Olli Ella - Dinkum Dolls Single Romper


Alimrose Matilda 45cm Doll Pink

Alimrose Matilda 45cm Doll


Astrup Doll Knitted Basket and Bedding Set
Astrup Doll Changing Table
Low Stock
Astrup Doll Retro Rattan Pram Rose
Low Stock
HipKids Doll Lift / Carrier Pink

HipKids Doll Lift / Carrier


Olli Ella - Dinkum Dolls Brush
HipKids Doll Bib & Nappy Set Pink

HipKids Doll Bib & Nappy Set


Astrup Doll High Chair/Table 2-in-1
Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls Bottle
Alimrose Playtime Doll Carrier Set 30cm - Rose Garden
JaBaDaBaDo Make Up Bag
Olli Ella - Dinkum Doll Pyjama

Olli Ella - Dinkum Doll Pyjama


Olli Ella - Dinkum Dolls Single Cardigan Rose
Alimrose Asleep Awake Baby Doll 24cm - Pink Stars

Doll Toys & Dolls Prams

Dolls, Dolls Furniture & Toy Prams Our beautiful range consists of the following: Miniland dolls - One of our most...

Are baby dolls and dolls prams safe for kids?

HipKids toy dolls are made from 100% cotton, itch-free acrylic yarn and are BPA & Phthalate free. Our dolls' prams are carefully constructed with a steel framework, rattan weave and sturdy birch wood. You can rest assured that our entire collection meets Australian Safety standards and we only deal with proven, reputable manufacturers to bring you the most ethically produced, high quality children’s products possible.

What range of doll toys and doll prams do we have?

Our Miniland Educational doll sets feature realistic baby dolls designed to help your child understand the fundamental principles of respect for both racial and sexual diversity. These toy dolls have well-defined ethnic qualities to help the identification of their many representative races as well as an assigned sex, so your child can learn about and normalise the human body.

We also stock our beautiful and snuggly Dinkum Dolls, hypoallergenic and made from 100% cotton, they’re designed to be safely cuddled to sleep. Each Dinkum baby doll comes comes with its own removable unisex outfit, socks, nappy, and shoes and has movable arms, legs and head so they can sit and stand.

Discover our hand-woven rattan, Olli Ella "Strolley" Doll Pram or for a more modern doll's pram, opt for one of our Wooden Moon Doll Prams which can even be personalised with your child's name.

Can toy dolls and dolls prams improve kids' productivity?

As your child takes care of their baby, you’ll see how toy dolls can encourage kindness and responsibility, giving them a personal way to comprehend the world. A baby doll can also bring a sense of comfort, helping your child feel confident and supported as they try new experiences.

doll's pram is an excellent way to maximise your little one’s development and help them develop their coordination, strength and fine motor skills. Once your child is walking, they can experience the world as they push their baby doll to the store or even take them out to lunch, so gift them their very own HipKids dolls pram today.