Kids Bookshelves & Bookcases

How cute is this monti book rack! $69.95
Display your child's favourite books! $109.95
Super practical unit, ideal for storing books & toys $219.95

Super practical unit, great for books & toys $129.95
Unique design & well constructed $199.95

Set of 2 storage boxes, great for books, toys, shoes etc $199.95
It's bookcase, toy box or bedside table! $179.95
Generous dimensions & super practical $199.95

Reversible storage unit & great storage $179.95
Reversible storage unit & great storage $179.95

Great for books, toys, shoes etc $109.95
Ideal for storing books & toys $129.95 $89.95
Ideal for storing books & toys $139.95

Kids Bookshelves & Bookcases

At HipKids, we offer a great selection of stylish bookshelves designed specifically to display and store children’s story books. But as well as being stylish, they are also highly versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes and toy storage needs.

For example, our chalkboard bookshelf features a pull-out draw that provides the perfect toy box for your child’s soft toys. Our stackable toy boxes securely stack on top of each other to create a customisable look and come in an assortment of vibrant colours that will add a splash of fun to your child’s nursery, playroom or bedroom.

Why HipKids bookshelves & bookcases are the best

At HipKids, we love to create furniture and toys for kids that are built to last, safe to use and are perfect for any bedroom. Great features of our bookshelves and bookcases include;

  • Durable materials like medium density fibreboard (MDF)
  • Non-toxic paints and lacquers. meaning no nasty airborne chemicals to worry about
  • Neutral tones that go well with any decor and for any child, regardless of gender or favourite colour.

Plus, all of our kids bookshelf, bookcase and book box pieces go well together, which means you can easily find matching pieces as your child’s book collection grows.

Benefits of reading to your kids

Studies have shown that talking to your kids can help build their vocabulary, but reading to them out loud is the best way to improve their literacy. When they hear you read, they learn how much fun reading can be and become more determined to learn how to read on their own.

There are a number of documented benefits associated with reading stories with your kids. Reading stories together:

Improves their attention span

A better attention span will help them perform better, both at school and in later life.

Helps with language development

Listening to you read helps them learn correct pronunciation, word usage and grammar; skills they will use in their own speaking and writing as adults.

Helps build comprehension

Discussing stories as you read them together helps increase your child’s problem-solving abilities and gain insights into the’ motives of the characters.

Improves academic performance

Studies have revealed that children who are read to regularly at age 4 to 5 years perform better in school tests at 8 to 9 years.

Strengthens their world view

By visualising the stories in their minds, they can experience situations outside their own personal experience and learn about life in other countries and cultures.

Helps them learn to read faster

When children associate reading with happy memories, they are more likely to persist in learning to read.

Teaches them to empathise with others

Understanding other people’s points of view through the eyes of story characters helps kids to develop empathy.

Introduces them to morals

The heroes and villains in stories help children work out right from wrong and form basic morals and values.

Enhances their listening skills

Being read aloud to helps kids to listen better and for longer; a skill that will serve them well in later life.

Helps develop their fine motor skills

Any activity that requires toddlers to move their fingers helps them develop their fine motor skills, such as helping you to turn the pages and lifting flaps to see what they reveal.

Strengthens their memory

When your child asks you to read their favourite stories over and over, it’s a sign that their memory skills are developing.

Strengthens your bond with them

Reading stories together and sharing common experiences helps strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Setting up a space for their book storage can also give them a sense of ownership over their books and encourage them to take pride in their collection and clean up when they've finished reading.

Shop with us now and experience the difference

At HipKids, we care about kids and fostering safe, educational playtime. We started HipKids with our own kids in mind, so we only sell what we think would be good enough for them. That means you can always count on quality from our products and our selection of kids book storage ideas is no exception.

And if you love our kids book storage solutions and options, why not check out more of our collection? We make everything from clocks for kids' rooms to pedal bikes and bean bag chairs.

If you live in or around Melbourne, we invite you to call into our Balwyn North store and see our range for yourself. Or purchase online and we’ll deliver your order anywhere in the country with our fast Australia-wide shipping.

Reading is a great way for kids to have fun and experience new adventures, all from the safety and comfort of their bedroom. So buy them book storage that looks inviting and makes reading irresistible from HipKids, the home of childhood memories your kids will cherish forever.  



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