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Kids Teepees & Play Tents

A teepee is a perfect indoor design idea that gives your little one their own space to play, read, spend time with you, or just lie around and dream.

Decorating your kid’s space has never been more fun, with all the new possibilities now available online. One classic idea that never grows old is bringing the outdoors indoors with a children's teepee or childrens play tent. It can be placed in their bedroom or in a nook in the living room, and can be easily moved outdoors on fine summer days or nights to watch the clouds and the stars.

Available in a variety of fun colours and trendy designs, our unique collection of kids’ teepees are easy to assemble and come with a matching bag for convenient storage. Made from durable fabric and supported by solid timber poles, Our teepee tents for kids are designed to handle the wear and tear from play time. Each product comes with the following features:

  • Easy access – Velcro fasteners on the entryway make it easy for kids to come and go as they pleaseStylish designs – while they’re trendy in their own right, you can decorate them with a cushion or bunting to add extra personalityFloor mat – all teepees come with a floor mat for a little extra cushioning while they play.

11 Reasons Your Child's Room Needs a Kids Teepee Tent

Every child needs to play, explore, and use their imagination for a more fulfilling and dynamic life. kids will have hours of fun

Throughout the development period, children love to express themselves through imaginary play, which is why a kid's teepee is such a whimsical addition to any child's room.

Read on to discover 11 reasons your child's room needs one so they can experience the magic of imaginative play.

1. It's a Great Place to Read a Book

As adults, we cherish some quiet time alone, but children are no different in many cases. Enhances your child's quiet time & gives them a place to nestle in and read a good book.

A private space encourages kids to sit down and read, and the teepee makes it a cozy spot where they can quietly devour their favourite books. Look for something in a charming shape such as a really cute castle, and your little one will feel like royalty!

2. They're Versatile

Most kid's teepees are lightweight, which means you can easily move them anywhere you choose. The teepee doesn't have to remain in their bedroom thanks to the lightweight design.

Move their special hiding space anywhere from the living room to your office to give your kids a portable place they can call their own. When the weather is good, you can put it outside for a little "camping" fun. Feel free to use these awesome accessories to encourage playtime, reading, and much more thanks to their versatile nature.

3. Kid's Teepees are Perfect for Pretend

Imagination is essential to proper growth, and a teepee will encourage your child to pretend and do a little role-playing. These adorable tents inspire children to explore their world and come up with all sorts of fun scenarios.

The tee pee can transport children to the days of the wild west or they could use it as an imaginary classroom or doctor's office. Any type of play that involves using the imagination is a healthy way for kids to grow. Have your child pretend they're in the wilderness and let them practice some survival skills for a fun interactive play session.

4. Easy Transport

One amazing thing about teepee tent for kids is that they're lightweight and very easy to transport. Look for sweet teepees that include a travel bag so your child can take their teepee with them when you go on vacation or take them to a sleepover.

Since these cute toys are super-simple to set up and take down, you can easily take them anywhere you want. Pack it it with your child to take to a friend's house so everyone can enjoy it. Not only are kid's teepees easy to take with you anywhere, but they're also easy to store so you can stash it in a closet if you need the extra space.

5. They Encourage Social Interaction

Social interaction is a key element of proper growth and maturity for children. If your child has a teepee, it's a great way to encourage them to spend time with other kids their age. Set it up and invite some friends over for a fun reading night or have an awesome sleepover.

It will encourage your child to participate in role play, which is known to foster independence and confidence in children. When they set the teepee up and enjoy it with their friends, it teaches sharing and interactive play. If your child has a sibling, it's also perfect to encourage them to spend time together in the teepee.

6. Teepees Inspire Outdoor Play

With so many electronic devices these days, it's tough to get children to spend some time outdoors. Use their teepee to encourage them to get out there and play outside. If the weather is good, move the teepee out to the backyard so your kids can hang out in nature.

Since young children may not feel completely comfortable outside for long periods of time, the teepee provides them with a safe place to escape. When you encourage outdoor play, your children will be more physically active which also contributes to better health. Come up with some fun games where your kids can integrate the teepee into the game such as hide and seek.

7. They're Simply Adorable

A kid's tee pee adds a darling look to your child's room, which makes them a popular decorative item for many parents. Look for teepees in fun colourways and whimsical patterns to give your kid's room an adorable look. Choose matching floor cushions that will complement the colour of the teepee.

Put some of their favourite stuffed animals inside to make the teepee comfy and cozy. You can do almost anything with their teepee to make it your own and enhance their rooms with a little extra colour and style.

8. Teachers Can Use Them in the Classroom

Not only do teepees for kids make a great addition to the home, but they're also awesome for classroom use. Teachers love to add teepees to give their students a cozy spot to read and learn. They're also wonderful for encouraging interactive and imaginary play.

Since they're so easy to move and to set up, many teachers love to use them both inside and outdoors. The addition of a tee pee makes the classroom look more inviting and gives it tons of personality. Since teepees for kids are wonderful for inspiring the imagination, it's no surprise that they're a hit with teachers, too.

9. Teepees are Wonderful for Photographs

A colourful teepee in your child's room looks adorable and adds a charming decorative touch to their space. You can also use them to take some pretty darn adorable photos, too. If you have a newborn, fill the teepee with soft blankets and pillows and place your baby inside for a picture that's guaranteed to elicit plenty of "coos."

10. Kid's Teepees Come in Plenty of Sizes and Styles

The use of teepees for kids has grown in popularity in recent years, which means parents have more options than ever before. Choose one that will be big enough to accommodate your child and maybe a few more children as long as you have the indoor space. Smaller teepees are great for toddlers and they work well in smaller areas of your home.

Don't forget the incredible amount of colours, patterns, and styles that are available, too. Pick out a teepee that will complement the current colour scheme of your child's room. They also come in different shapes ranging from the classic triangle to round teepees.

11. Teepees Encourage Physical Play

When your child plays with their play tent or tee pee, it encourages them to move more. As they crawl in and out of the teepee and turn around, it's actually helping with their physical development. Whenever you can get your kids to move, it's always a good thing.

Come up with a few ways you can encourage your child to use their tee pee for a fun game where they have to run, hide, and then jump out. With the combination of your encouragement and their imagination, a teepee can become a great tool to inspire physical movement. Kids love to hide in small spaces, so it's a perfect place where they can get away or play with their blocks for healthy movement.

Make Childhood Magic with Teepees

From quiet spaces to read a book to a fun place where they can spend time with friends, a kid's teepee is an excellent addition to your child's collection of toys. Our White tee pee with pink tipped poles makes the perfect girls teepee or you can choose grey tipped poles for boys. Their lightweight design makes them a breeze to move anywhere you want.

Think about all of the benefits a teepee can provide your child and get creative with a few fun games and interactive, imaginary play. Use them outdoors to get your child to spend some time outside.

Whether you're looking for a teepees, kids play tents, tent tunnels or toys, or other sweet decor items, we offer a range of excellent products for children so browse our selection or contact us today!



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