Kids Toy Kitchen Play Sets

Quality wooden fruit set, incl. carry bag $32.95
Eggs can be opened to reveal yolk inside $14.95

Pieces can be cut & held together by velcro $32.95
Solid birchwood & chalkboard sides $229.95

A collection of ten iconic aussie toy biscuits! $44.95

Perfect for baking imaginary treats $74.95

Scales adjust as items are added to tray! $39.95

Kids Toy Kitchen Play Sets

HipKids’ toy play kitchens and accessories are small in size, but big on fun – perfect for the little chef in your life! Our retro-inspired wooden kitchens are designed especially for little people and will encourage them to get creative during play time and let their imaginations run wild.

All of our kids kitchen sets are made to look and feel as realistic as possible, so they feature doors that open, taps that swivel and knobs that click. And they’re available in a range of great colours including vintage-inspired pink, blue, red and white or sleek brown and silver for a more modern commercial look.

For even more fun in the kitchen, our awesome range of pretend play food sets are the perfect addition to your HipKids toy kitchen, so ‘order up’ for your little one now!

Before you know it, your little ones will be going from imaginative role play to helping you in the real kitchen and in the meantime, there are lots of well-documented benefits of role play.

Role play helps your kids develop important life skills by giving them the chance to rehearse real life situations in a safe, non-threatening environment. It can also teach them basic skills in areas they are interested in or might have an aptitude for, such as cooking.  

Best Quality Wooden Play Kitchens

The best part of purchasing from us is knowing that all of our children’s furniture , toys including our kids play kitchens are made from high quality materials that are safe for your kids and use lead-free, non-toxic paints that give a beautiful finish while also ensuring your child’s safety.

HipKids has been supplying Australian families with our unique range of products for over a decade now, and in that time, our name has become synonymous with attentive customer service, affordable prices and products you won’t find in any other toy store.

Everything we stock includes our exclusive HipKids promise – that means if you aren’t happy with your purchase, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and will refund your money or exchange the item for something of equal value (conditions apply).

When you buy from us, we also donate a dollar from every transaction to a life-changing project for kids as part of the I=change initiative. So you’re not only giving your own kids the best toys, but helping out less fortunate kids as well.

It’s part of our goal to provide a positive shopping experience and we firmly believe that once you try us, you won’t shop for your kids anywhere else.

Kid Chef: 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Play With Kids Wooden Kitchens

Thinking back to our own childhoods, many of us recall playing make-believe. Sometimes we made up games with our friends and sometimes the pretend play was solitary. No matter what, it was always a fun time!

Did you know that research shows how beneficial imaginative play is for children ages two to seven? That's right, playing pretend helps kids to develop skills that are crucial later in life.

Introducing a toy kitchen into your kid's playtime can encourage them to exercise their creativity. They'll be learning social, cognitive, and practical skills, all while having fun with their toys.

Read on to find out 5 benefits of toy kitchen play and stick around to find out about some of our favourite toy kitchens on the market!

1. Toy Kitchens Can Help Teach Letters and Numbers

You might think that your kid's education, to include reading and counting, will begin when they first step foot in their Kindergarten classroom. However, there are certain skills that most teachers will expect them to come equipped with. This includes a tentative grasp of the alphabet and the ability to count from one to ten.

It can be difficult to convince your kid to sit down and work on these skills with you and hold their attention while doing it. Incorporate this kind of learning into their play! 

Write down the names of fruits other toy ingredients they have in their play kitchen set. Use these toy ingredients to help your child sound out letters and recognise them in written form. 

You can also encourage them to count by asking questions like, "How many apples do you have?" Or, you can request that they bring you a certain number of ingredients. Make these tasks part of the game by pretending to be a customer at their restaurant or a Sous-chef in their kitchen!

2. Toy Kitchen Play Develops Dexterity

Dexterity and fine motor skills can help with everything from tying shoes to holding a pencil. Playing with a range of small objects can help your kids practice these habits.

They can also practice turning knobs and gain better balancing skills by placing toy food on plates and in bowls. Oftentimes, toy food items are designed to help kids practice their cutting skills. Find a toy kitchen set that includes pieces that are held together with velcro so that your kid can learn how to handle a toy knife.

Ideally, this kind of dexterity becomes subconscious over time. From the beginning, these skills have to be learned, and any practice time is beneficial.

3. Toy Foods Increase Visual Recognition

When it comes to teaching shapes and colours, it's best to start with familiar objects and to use a hands-on approach. Toy kitchens offer the perfect opportunity to do both at once.

As your kid selects from their kitchen set accessories, ask them to identify shapes and colours. Or, request certain objects based on shape or colou.

For example, you might ask, "What colour is that apple?" Or, you might say, "I'd like to eat something that is round. Can you find something round for me to eat?"

Build the language of color and shape into their vocabulary by using descriptive words when you play. Chances are, your kids already know what object is associated with the word, "banana." Build upon that knowledge by teaching them that bananas are yellow. 

4. Toy Kitchens Require Communication and Teamwork During Group Play

When group play is structured around something like a wooden toy kitchen, chances are tasks will be delegated and goals will be set. Whether one child is the head chef or everyone is equal, the kids will need to work together to get the job done.

Communication is key, and imaginative play is the perfect space for trial and error. If communication doesn't go well or the goals weren't met, the kids will learn a thing or two about why that is frustrating and maybe even problem solve! What went wrong, and how do we fix that in the future?

They will also learn that one key to teamwork is patience. Patience isn't always easy for little ones, but they may find that patience is necessary to avoid hurt feelings. Everyone on the team needs to participate to meet the end goal, and it's hard to participate when you feel bullied or ostracised.

Of course, all group play will help with communication skills, but there is added structure when everyone is focused on the same toy. Of course, there may be disagreements along the way, but this is all part of the learning process!

5. Toy Kitchens Boost Confidence in Creativity

Toy kitchens allow your kid to come up with fun, creative recipes in a safe environment. It can also encourage them to execute creative projects like coming up with a menu and imagining themselves as the successful owner or head chef of a restaurant!

When your kid feels like they've accomplished something that they came up with on their own, they will feel more confident in their future creative endeavours. This confidence will go up even more if you participate in their imaginative play and congratulate them on their work. 

Creativity and imagination may not seem as important as reading and communication skills, but it is crucial to a child's development. Having creative confidence can help kids with problem-solving and healthy coping. Plus, encouraging your kid from a young age to feel confident in their creativity will help them to pursue their passions later in life!

Toy Kitchen Buying Guide: Some of Our Favourite Toy Kitchens

Now that you're up to speed on the many benefits of toy kitchens, we thought we'd share with you some of our favourite toy kitchens in our range. All of them are designed for all genders because we believe that imaginative play is for everyone!

The Modern Chef Toy Kitchen

The Modern Chef Toy Kitchen is up to date with the appliances your kid probably sees in your own kitchen! Plus, there is plenty of storage space so they can tidy up after a long day of play.

This set comes equipped with a two-burner stovetop and oven, both sporting knobs and buttons. There's also a microwave, a sink, a refrigerator, and two cupboards. 

From floor to cooktop and sink, this set measures 50 cms. In total, it's 86 cms wide, 31.5 cms deep, and 85 cms high. This is a great set for kids aged three and up.

The Scandi Toy Kitchen & Fridge Set

The Scandi Toy Kitchen & Fridge Set skips the microwave and opts for four stovetop burners, instead! Plus, the oven is wider, the fridge has two doors and a freezer drawer, and the sides are finished with chalkboard paint. Your kid can practice their writing skills by posting today's menu right on their toy fridge!

If you're not sure if you want both the kitchen and the fridge, you can buy them separately! Get the Scandi Toy Kitchen here and the Scandi Toy Wooden Fridge here. This is a great solution if you want to give these toy sets to your kid on separate occasions! 

The dimensions on the separate Toy Kitchen and Wooden Fridge are the same as the full set. All pieces are suitable for kids aged three and up.

Don't Forget to Accessorise

Your kid will want to stock up their toy fridge and cupboards and have the extra tools to get really creative!

Get the Toy Food & Beverage Set for their fridge. It comes with wooden accessories like a tomato sauce bottle, banana yogurt container, and a block of cheese.

Encourage them to love veggies with the Play Vegetable Crate Set. This set comes with a wooden box filled with toy veggies like a carrot, tomato, and cucumber. Increase their dexterity with the toy knife, peeler, and cutting board that allow them to "cut" the velcro-attached foods.

For lots of added creativity, get the Kitchen Accessories Value Pack. This pack comes equipped with a wooden toaster and bread slices, a toy coffee maker, a mixing bowl, and more. These extra pieces have lots of moving parts that will really engage their attention and imagination.

Want to teach your kid the value of market-to-table cooking? Check out the Toy Market Grocer Stand Shop! Play grocer and help them learn some basic math skills by giving a "price" to each piece of produce they pretend to purchase!

Time to Get Cooking

What could be more fun and beneficial than a toy kitchen? Toy kitchens encourage your kid to play creatively while also helping them gain important skills. Plus, there are lots of fun lessons to be learned along the way!

If you have any questions about our toy kitchens or other products, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. To speak with someone directly, contact us! We're passionate about making playtime a safe and positive learning experience. Buy them toys they’ll want to play with

As a family business run by parents, we know all about the rough and tumble of normal daily life, so we only carry products that are made to stand up to the demands of the average Aussie family.

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You can also shop online and have your items shipped to your door anywhere in the country with our fast Australia-wide delivery service. We always try and despatch orders within 24 hours of receipt and payment clearance.




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