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Boys and girls, start your engines! HipKids pedal cars and ride ons are the perfect play time accessories and are guaranteed to thrill your junior motor enthusiast or equestrian for hours at a time.

Our exciting car and ride-on range includes everything from vintage pedal cars, classic speedster racing styles and funky fire truck toys, scooters, ride on animals, rocking horses etc. And you can choose from push or pedal options in a wide array of trendy colours and designs.

While our pedal cars and ride-on toys are both stylish and durable, they are also built to stand up to the demands of childhood. Each product in our range not only meets our own high standards of quality, safety and workmanship, but also conforms to Australian Safety Standards and comes with a 1 Year Structural Warranty, making it the perfect way to safely add fun and exhilaration to your little one’s day.

Not only are our pedal cars and ride-on toys great for developing your child’s fine motor skills, but these vintage-inspired models also make beautiful display pieces for your home when not in use. You can even customise your ride-on car with your child’s name sticker, adding a touch of personalisation.

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13 Surprising Benefits of Pedal Cars for Kids

What child doesn't love jumping in the driver's seat and pretending to take the wheel?

When you're looking for a toy that can keep your tot entertained and engaged for hours, you can't beat pedal cars for kids! Can't decide between a balance bike or a ride on car, check out our guide.

Though they've come a long way since the classic models of old, they're still endlessly fun and deliver more benefits than a quick thrill.

In fact, today, we're sharing 13 surprising ways your children can grow when they hop on a pedal car and start zooming. 

Ready to learn more? Let's take off!

What Are Pedal Cars for Kids?

Before we jump into their benefits, let's cover the basics of how this toy works and where it began.

The first pedal cars arrived on the scene in the late 1800s. Back then, most were modelled after the real cars that were beginning to hit the roads around the same time. 

By the early 1900s, pedal cars were widespread around Australia, the United States, and France. One of the most popular manufacturers at the time was Cyclops, which created the toys based on popular U.S. automobile models and manufacturers, including the Chevrolet model shown here in a series of vintage photographs.

Children's pedal cars work as their name implies. Your child can hop on, position his or her foot on top of the pedals, and make the toy move through a cycling motion.

From traditional bicycle models to racer cars and even a ride-on excavator, there are many designs suitable for every personality!

Pedal for a Purpose: The Benefits of Ride-On Toys

In today's fast-paced digital world, these manual toys still retain a great deal of charm and nostalgia. They're also an excellent way to grow your child's mental and physical development.

Let's take a look at 13 benefits you'll receive when you invest in one!

1. Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Your toddler might think he's just playing as he grabs the steering wheel, manoeuvres it around, and works to start and stop the toy.

However, all of those motions help to develop his fine and motor skills. This is especially the case as he works to steady the toy over rocky terrain!

In addition, many pedal cars have built-in compartments, real doors that open and close, and even switches that turn certain functions on and off. As they navigate these controls, kids can learn how their muscles and brain work in tandem to create commands. 

2. Help Encourage Physical Activity

There's no denying that today's generation of kids has quicker access to technology than any that came before it. While there are myriad benefits to raising a tech-savvy brood, physical activity should still be a priority.

The good news? Pedal cars are so exciting that you won't have to beg your children to put down the screen and go outside to play!

As they pedal to make the toys move, they'll develop leg strength. They'll also build their upper body strength through steering wheel practice!

3. Strengthen Balance Control

Your child might not be quite ready for a big-kid bike quite yet, but a mini scooter is her size!

She'll have a blast as she figures out how to make the scooter move by kicking her feet and hopping on! While she works on it, she's also working on her balance! 

Older kids who are almost ready to shed their training wheels can make great use of a balance bike, like this modern Vespa model. It's also ideal for training your younger kids how to stay upright on a two-wheeler!

4. Foster Outdoor Exploration

Most pedal cars are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but they're best enjoyed in nature! From these mini deluxe scooters to this super-fun fireman truck, there are plenty of toys that will hold up fine on a driveway or gravel road.

To this end, why not bring your kids outside and let them enjoy them in nature? This helps them develop a love of the outdoors and fosters their sense of exploration. 

5. Improve Spatial Intelligence

Though it sounds like a complicated term, spatial intelligence simply means tapping into our "mind's eye" to understand shapes, logic, and positioning.

Anyone who's ever seen an unbalanced toddler turn a corner too soon knows that this is a trait that gets stronger with age! Thankfully, pedal cars can help.

Your child will need to use spatial intelligence when controlling the car, making sure to avoid obstacles in the road, knowing when to turn, and understanding how to stay on track. 

6. Encourage Solo Play

All children need time to play in a group setting, as well as time to explore the world by themselves

While pedal cars can be a blast for the whole crew to enjoy, they're also fun when used independently. For instance, an older sibling can push your littlest in this vintage pedal car, or he can use his feet to pedal on his own. 

As they tinker with the controls and figure out how to make the car move, they're learning on their own. This helps them develop an important sense of self that will carry them throughout their childhood.

7. Promote Group Play

At the same time, there are some pedal car models that are best suited for group play. From two-seater trucks to scooter sets, you can find plenty of options for an entire brood of siblings or best friends to enjoy together!

And, even one-seater cars can be shared among a group. This is a great way to help your child learn the art of sharing and taking turns. 

8. Build Self-Control 

While pedal cars are more tactile and controllable than automatic models, they can still zoom down a hill quickly, especially if your little one hasn't mastered the art of stopping yet! 

Over time, they'll learn to put out their feet to slow and stop the car. They'll also discover how to make it go faster by shuffling their feet quicker! This is a fun way to help them learn self-control. 

They'll begin to understand that they have the power to dictate the speed and direction of the toy. In the meantime, you can help them understand how to use that control in the safest, wisest way!

9. Create a Sense of Confidence

Do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a real car? You were likely shaky and nervous at first! Yet, over time, you grew your confidence and mastered the skill.

The same goes for your child as he or she learns how to drive a pedal car. While there might be some apprehension and fear in the beginning, it won't take long before they're zooming all over the house! Learning any new talent is a great confidence booster.

10. Allow Creativity to Reign

It might look like your kid is riding his vintage steel pedal car around the backyard. However, in his mind, he's on a mission to explore the jungle! And when he moves onto the pavement, he's actually cruising the highway in his mind.

At their core, pedal cars promote creative play. They allow your child to feel responsible and take control of his journey. Who knows where that trip might take him?

11. Provide Year-Round Enjoyment

While there are some metal pedal cars that are best left out of the elements, most models are designed for year-round use. That means they're equally capable of traversing a snowy field as a warm living room. 

This is a built-in entertainment resource that you can depend on far after the swimming pool closes and school is back in session!

12. Add a Personalised Touch

Adults love to personalise their cars with custom license plates, but why should we have all the fun? Most pedal cars come with an option for personalisation. Check out this customisable Baghera model, for instance!

Display your child's name prominently on the side and he'll feel extra cool as he cruises around the block!

13. Start Conversations on Safe Driving

Investing in a pedal car is a great way to start an early conversation with your child about driver safety. They might only be a few years old, but they can begin learning basic navigation skills, including how to:

  • Start and stop
  • Turn in each direction
  • Back up
  • Avoid obstacles

You can also help them pretend to park the car, as well as fill it up with gas and work on it in the shop!

Find the Perfect Pedal Cars in Australia Today

Now that you know the many benefits they provide, are you ready to find the perfect toy for your child? If so, you've come to the right place.

We offer the best pedal cars for sale, ride ons & ride on cars in Australia, ranging from the sleek and sophisticated to the colourful and offbeat. 

Take the time to browse our shop and contact us with any questions. We'll help your little one drive away happy!

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