Pedal Cars & Ride On Toys

Meets as/nzs 2063:2008 bike helmet standards $32.95
The perfect outdoor sand digger for your child! $99.95

Squeeze ears to hear galloping sound $159.95
Can be personalised with child's name $299.95
No batteries required, fully mechanical $369.95

Incl. stop, give away & traffic steel sign $79.95
Smaller size & perfect for children aged 2+ $99.95

It’s a rocker.  it’s a push-toy.  it's a ride-on. $169.95
Perfect for indoor and outdoor play! $29.95

All time favourite ride on pedal car $269.95
Perfect for indoor and outdoor play! $29.95

Incl. wooden ladders & adjustable pedals $299.95
Perfect for indoor and outdoor play! $29.95

Moves on child power, no batteries required Sold Out

Pedal Cars, Ride On Cars & Other Ride Ons

Boys and girls, start your engines!

HipKids ride on toys for kids are the perfect playtime accessories and are guaranteed to thrill your junior motor enthusiast or equestrian for hours at a time!

Our exciting car and ride on range includes everything from vintage pedal cars, classic speedsters and funky fire trucks to scooters, ride on animals and rocking horses.

Why are HipKids pedal cars and ride-ons the best?

Our big range of kids ride on toys comes in a choice of push or pedal options and a wide array of trendy colours and designs. Other great features include;

  • Built tough to stand up to the demands of childhood
  • Conform to Australian Safety Standards and have a 1 Year Structural Warranty
  • Your child’s name sticker can be added for a touch of personalisation
  • Available in 4 easy payments using Afterpay
  • Can be delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.

10 surprising benefits of kids ride on cars and toys

If you want a toy that’ll get them away from the TV and exercising out in the fresh air, then our pedal cars and ride ons are the perfect choice. And here are 10 other benefits you may not have realised:

Develops motor skills

You might think they’re just playing as they manoeuvre around the yard, but they’re also developing their fine and gross motor skills. And as they navigate the controls, they’re learning to work their muscles and brain in tandem to create commands.

Strengthens balance control

Your toddler will have a blast figuring out how to make their scooter move by kicking their feet and while they work on it, they’re also working on their balance. It prepares them for the day when they’ll graduate to a big bike and will need to stay upright on two wheels.   

Improves spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence means tapping into our "mind's eye" to understand shapes, logic, and positioning. Your child will need to use spatial intelligence when controlling their pedal car, making sure to avoid obstacles and knowing when to stop, when to turn and how to stay on track.

Encourages solo play

While pedal cars can be enjoyed by the whole crew, they're also fun when used independently and as your child tinkers with the controls and figures out how to make the car move, he’s learning on his own. This helps him develop an important sense of self that will carry him throughout his childhood.

Encourages group play

At the same time, there are some pedal car models that are best suited for group play. From two-seater trucks to scooter sets, you can find plenty of options for an entire brood to enjoy together! This is a great way to help them learn the art of sharing and taking turns.

Builds self-control

Over time, your child will learn to put their feet out to slow the car and how to make it go faster by shuffling their feet more quickly. This is a fun way to help them learn self-control, as they begin to understand that they have the power to dictate the speed and direction of the toy.

Creates confidence

Do you remember the first time you drove a real car? You were probably nervous at first, but over time, your confidence grew and you mastered the skill. The same goes for your child as they learn to drive their pedal car. While there might be some nerves and apprehension in the beginning, it won't be long before they're zooming all over the house.

Promotes creativity

While it might look like your child is pedalling around the back yard, in his mind, he’s actually on a road heading for adventure. At their core, pedal cars promote creative play and they allow your child to feel responsible and take control of the journey.

Provides year-round enjoyment

Most modern pedal cars are designed for year-round use and are equally capable of traversing a hot summer pavement or a snowy back yard in winter. They’re an entertainment resource you can depend on long after the swimming pool closes and school is back in session.

Teaches driving skills

A pedal car is a great way to start an early conversation with your child about safe driving. They might only be a few years old, but they can begin learning basic navigation skills, including how to start, stop, turn, reverse and avoid obstacles.

Ready to buy your kids their first pedal car or ride on?

Now that you know the many benefits they provide, are you ready to find the perfect toy for your child?

At HipKids, we offer the best pedal cars and ride ons in Australia, ranging from the sleek and sophisticated to the colourful and offbeat.

So browse and buy from our online store or contact us with any questions. We'll help your little one drive away happy!



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