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Puzzles for Kids, Children & Toddlers

At HipKids, we have hand-picked a wonderful selection of puzzles for kids at every learning level.

Whether it’s simple shape or word puzzles for little ones or more complex jigsaw puzzles for older kids, it is well known that puzzles of all kinds offer many developmental benefits for children of every age.

Doing puzzles is believed to develop three main skills in your child including;

  • Physical skills – simply by turning over and rearranging the pieces to make them fit, puzzles are developing your child’s hand-eye coordination and gross and fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive skills – attempting to and ultimately solving the problems of a puzzle helps to develop a child’s shape recognition, memory and problem solving skills.
  • Emotional skills – the task of working towards completing a puzzle helps your child to learn patience and goal-setting skills and introduces them to the concept of reward through effort.

Just as when we were kids and our parents before us, the benefits of puzzles have been handed down through the generations, and the HipKids range of puzzles continues this time-honoured tradition of learning through doing.

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Family Favourite Puzzle Games For Kids, Children & Toddlers

Puzzles for kids, and kids at heart, have long been a family favourite past time. People of all ages love the challenge and satisfaction of putting together and solving puzzles. From early childhood through to adulthood, puzzles offer cognitive, social and confidence building benefits for all ages. HipKids has curated a vast selection of puzzle games for kids including maths puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, logic puzzles and more. This broad range of fun puzzles for kids offers developmental benefits for children of every age and every stage.

Puzzles benefit motor skills and problem solving

For little ones, puzzles can be an excellent way to develop fine motor skills as children work on picking up, turning over and rearranging pieces to try to get them to fit into just the right spots. With a wide range of colours, designs and sizes, children will exercise cognitive skills such as spacial awareness, memory and shape recognition through the puzzle solving process. HipKids’ wonderful range of wooden puzzles for kids and toddlers is perfect for developing all of the skills mentioned above. The Melissa & Doug Farm Animals, Vehicles and Musical Instruments sound puzzles not only help to teach children how to recognize and match shapes, but they also learn to identify the correct sounds for common animals, vehicles and musical instruments that they may come across in everyday life. With these puzzles, your little one will be instantly rewarded with a sense of achievement and pride when they hear the sound that each piece makes once placed in the correct position.

For those looking for a greater challenge, HipKids offers both fun and educational jigsaw puzzles for kids who have the patience to sit and focus for a longer stretch of time. This Earth Puzzle and Book Set is not only a fun challenge for the whole family (clear the floor - it’s a big one!) but also comes with a 32 page book on world geography full of cool facts and illustrations. Similarly, this highly educational 205 piece Human Body Puzzle & Book Set is shaped like the human body when complete and teaches kids about cells, bones, organs and the human life cycle. While there can be high levels of frustration through the process of putting together a challenging puzzle, your child will learn to work through their emotions and to exercise patience in order to reap the rewards of their efforts once the puzzle has been completed. 

Fun puzzles for kids and adults

Jigsaw puzzles for kids and adults can be extremely beneficial in promoting cooperative play and developing social skills. Doing a puzzle with two or more people requires good communication skills, taking turns, supporting one another and celebrating together once the puzzle has been completed. The 200 piece whimsical Djeco Arbracadabra Puzzle and the beautiful 500 piece Djeco Unicorn Garden Puzzle are perfect for families or a group of older children to practice teamwork. Another great benefit of doing jigsaw puzzles is that the brain receives small rewards throughout the process and does not have to wait until the puzzle is completed to feel satisfied. Children feel encouraged to forge ahead each time a correct puzzle piece is put into place. 

For those children looking for a different type of challenge than the traditional jigsaw puzzles offer, logic and maths puzzles for kids are incredibly beneficial for both toddlers and older children. This educational Wooden Clock Puzzle by JaBaDaBaDo is a great tool to learn the concept of telling time as well as number sequencing. Similarly, word puzzles for kids are another wonderful option for little ones starting to learn letter recognition and sequencing. This early years ABC Puzzle is ideal for shape matching and logical thinking. Through trial and error, children can learn their ABCs and older children can practice spelling simple words like cat, dog, and fun!

Learning through logic puzzles

When it comes to logic puzzles for kids, you may be surprised to learn that children can start at a very young age. The Discoveroo Magnetic Stacking Rocket is recommended for ages 18 months and up. Not only does it do wonders to help develop problem solving and fine motor skills, but also promotes creative play. Another fabulous problem solving and creating thinking puzzle is this incredibly versatile Grimm’s rainbow puzzle set. At first glance it is quite simple, but as children start to experiment with all the different puzzle pieces, the possibilities are endless. The individual rainbow pieces can be used as building blocks to be stacked or balanced on top of one another, or they can be positioned on the floor as fencing for farm animals, bridges for toy cars. Any scenario your child can dream up is waiting for them! Problem solving puzzles for kids don’t always have one single outcome. The fun is multiplied when children create new challenges and solutions over and over again. These types of puzzles help little ones set goals, develop strategies and use reasoning - all skills that can be used to solve real-world problems.

Puzzles have long been a part of childhood development, and doing puzzles together is a favourite tradition for many families across the globe. With a fabulous range of fun puzzles for kids and adults alike, HipKids knows that it’s most fun to learn through doing - so what are you waiting for? Shop our huge selection of puzzlestoday!

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