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Ride On Toys for Kids

Every child loves the excitement and thrill of a ride-on toy. Ride-ons are wonderful educational tools that provide kids with fun, freedom and the opportunity to practice many early learning skills crucial for balanced growth.

Among other things, ride-ons help develop gross and fine motor skills, improve balance and coordination, stimulate imagination and encourage exercise, exploration, independence and group cooperation. In fact, you only have to see the smile on their faces when they discover they are actually driving to know that ride-on toys are a wonderful part of childhood that every kid needs to experience.

At HipKids, we carry a large selection of ride-on toys in sizes and designs appropriate for different age groups. Our range includes trikes, bikes, ride-on racers, planes, fire trucks, ponies, pedal cars, bumper cars, excavators and tractors, along with helmets to fit every size head.

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12 Amazing Life Benefits of Kids' Ride on Toys

Kids like to go fast. You'll probably be able to feel the air rush past you as your kid speeds by on their new ride-on toy. 

But kids' ride-on toys are more than just toys. They help kids develop a lot of necessary skills they'll need later in life. 

We've put together a list of the most important ways kids ride-ons & ride on cars for toddlers will benefit your child to show you why it's a good idea to go out and buy one of these toys as soon as possible. 

So let's get started! 


1. Develops Gross Motor Skills 

Gross motor skills involve arm, leg, and torso movements. Activities like walking, jumping, or pedaling require these skills. 

Your child has to use their gross motor skills to make their ride-on toy go. 

When your child hops on their ride-on toy, they often have to push with their legs to start moving and steer with their harms to change direction. This means they're improving the coordination of the neurological and muscle systems. 

2. Develops Fine Motor Skills

Though riding a ride-on toy might seem like it falls into the gross motor skill category, it also requires a lot of fine motor skills, too. 

For example, your child might have to open and close doors, press buttons, or move/use other accessories. This helps them develop the muscle and brain kills required to make smaller, more complex movements. 

These are the skills that'll help them hold pencils, draw, and write sentences. 

3. Improves Their Balance 

Many ride-on toys, such as scooters or bikes, require balance. Practicing riding these toys will teach your child how to balance, which can help them excel at other sports like ballet or skating in the future. 

But remember, learning to balance on these ride-on toys takes time. 

Your child will most likely fall a few times. That means you should take the proper safety measure to prevent injuries. Always have your child wear a helmet and other protective gear when they play with their ride-on toys. 

4. Gives Your Kids a Fun Way to Exercise

Many children aren't getting enough exercise every day. 

But sending your kids out to play in the backyard isn't enough. If they don't have any engaging outdoor toys, they won't stay outside for very long. 

Ride-on toys give your children a fun way to stay active. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, your kids will actually enjoy getting up and getting some exercise. 

The ride-on toys will also strengthen different muscle groups. Since your child has to push the pedals to get their bike or tricycle to move, they'll be working their leg muscles. Steering will also engage the arm and torso muscles. 

Even though it may seem like sitting on a bike is easy, it's a great way to keep your child active. 

5. Get's Your Kids Outdoors 

Like physical exercise, many kids don't spend enough time outdoors either.  

Although some ride-on toys work better indoors (especially for younger children), toys like bikes and scooters encourage kids to spend more time out of the house. 

They can ride up and down the driveway, in the park, or even on a trip around the neighbourhood. But never let your children out on the street alone with their ride-on toy. They might not be able to see cars coming, so always make sure you supervise them.

6. Encourages Imagination and Exploration 

Ride-on toys give kids a different way to explore the outdoors. 

For example, they can learn that some surfaces are bumpy, smooth, or more difficult to ride through. The speed their ride-on toy wheels give them can also foster their sense of adventure. 

Younger children, such as toddlers, can use ride-on toys to reach areas of the yard they haven't been able to get to before. This will spark their curiosity and encourage them to explore new things outside. 

Ride-on toys also give children the chance to play make-believe, an important part of child development. Their tricycle might turn into a house in their mind, which improves their creativity. 

7. Teaches Kids Coordination 

Your child has to do several things at once to ride a ride-on toy. 

For example, they have to pedal with their legs at the same time they steer with their arms. But they also have to keep their eyes up to focus on where they're going. 

Doing these things at the same time will improve your child's coordination. If they don't learn how to use their legs and arms at the same time, they won't have much fun on their ride-on toy. And since these toys spark their imagination and curiosity, many children will push themselves until they have their coordination down. 

8. Let's Them Play By Themselves or with Others 

Learning to play by themselves gives children a sense of independence, which is something they'll need as they continue to grow.

Most ride-on toys can only be used by one kid at a time, so these toys teach kids how to entertain themselves. They can play with the bells, buttons, or switches. Or they can use their ride-on toy as an instrument in a make-believe, roleplaying game. 

But ride-on toys can also teach your child how to be social with other children as well. 

If each child has their own ride-on toy, they can have races. If there's only one ride-on toy between them, kids can take turns riding and develop their sharing skills. 

9. Builds Spatial Awareness 

To keep themselves from crashing into things, kids have to learn spatial awareness. 

This will help them see how much space they have between them and the tree a few feet away. Using their spatial awareness, they'll learn how to analyze the space around them and avoid obstacles

Doing so will also improve their problem-solving skills. They have to figure out the best route from point A to point B as they're riding. 

But remember, there may be a few bumps and bruises along the way. That's why it's important to buy the right safety pads. 

10. Gives Kids Confidence 

Ride-on toys can develop your child's confidence in a number of ways. 

Remember, ride-on toys give kids a way to be independent. This will help your child define their sense of self, and once they do this, they'll begin to feel more confident in themselves. 

These toys also give kids a sense of accomplishment. They were able to ride across the rocky dirt, and they did it by themselves. This will help show them what they're capable of. 

Even if your child falls off a time or two, they will learn they can get back up and keep going. 

This confidence will then help them excel in other areas of their lives. 

11. Teaches Kids How to Follow Instructions

You'll have to show your child how to use their ride-on toy.

So to ride the toy successfully, kids have to listen to and follow their parents' instructions. You might also give your child a certain set of rules they have to follow every time they ride their toy, such as wearing their helmet or staying off the street.

This will teach them how to follow instructions in other areas of life as well.

Understanding instructions and sticking to them is an important skill they'll have to use everyday as they get older. In fact, teaching your child how to use a ride-on toy may even help their school performance.  

12. Your Kids Will Love Their Ride-On Toys 

One of the best benefits of ride-on toys is how much your child will enjoy them. They'll want to go outside and exercise on their bike or scooter.

You might find your child asking you if they can go play outside instead of the other way around. You never know, your child's ride-on toy might even become their favourite pastime. 

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Kids' Ride-On Toy

Kids' ride-on toys are more than just your average toy. They don't just entertain your child—they teach them a lot of important life skills. On top of that, ride-on toys give your child a way to get outside and be active. 

But maybe more importantly, ride-on toys let kids have fun. They learn to play by themselves and with others, which will make them more confidence and emotionally developed. 

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