Rugs & Playmats for Kids

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Let your little one's imaginations run wild! $145.95

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Rugs & Playmats for Kids and Babies

Add some style to your kid’s bedroom, playroom or rugs with one of our beautiful rugs or play mats from HipKids.

Choose from a great range of play mats and rugs for every application including wool mats, felt ball mats and Lego play mat and storage bags. At HipKids, we have nursery rugs, bedroom rugs, kids room rugs which include round mats, square mats, patterned mats to stimulate imagination and soft mats for nap time. And all of our rugs and mats come with a 1 Year Structural Warranty to ensure, safety, comfort and durability.

As well as providing protection for your kids from cold hard floors and helping to keep games and activities in one area, play mats provide important developmental benefits for babies.

Play mats encourage tummy time (the time babies spend on their stomachs while awake), which helps to strengthen their neck, back, and arms and develop gross motor skills such as rolling, crawling and walking. Tummy time also takes weight off the back of their heads, which is important for preventing flat spots from developing.

So order yours online now and enjoy fast Australia-wide shipping, or drop into our Inner East Melbourne showroom for a hands-on look at our range.

What Are the Best Children's Rugs and Baby Play Mats Available in 2019?

From anywhere between six and ten months, babies usually start to crawl. Most of them aren't walking full-time until fourteen to fifteen months. That's a lot of time to be wiggling around on the ground!

Whether you're protecting their bellies and knees from your hardwood floors or protecting your hardwood floors from their messy playtime, play mats are a great solution for moms and dads. 

There are a lot of play mats & baby rugs out there, and it can be hard to decide which one is best for your home. You want one that's built to last as your kids grow and maybe even as more kids come along.

We're here to help you make an informed decision on the perfect play mat. Read on to learn more about the things you'll want to consider when shopping for a play mat / kids floor rug. Stick around and find out which play mats are our 2019 favourites!

Why Get a Play Mat?

You might be thinking, "Why not get an area rug and call it a day?"

While that's always an option, play mats and kids' rugs are usually smaller in size, making them easily portable. Want to bring the play mat from the nursery to the living room or even to Grandma's house? No problem!

Play mats are great for babies who love to move independently. They offer a softer, more protective surface for crawling, scooting, and taking those first shaky steps. 

They're also great for toddlers and bigger kids who need structure to their playtime. Playtime is crucial for childhood development and boosts their creativity, dexterity, and cognitive skills. Having a designated area for playtime can be crucial for busy parents who don't always have time to clean up.

Plus, with their cute designs, they can add a little fun to any room!

What to Look For in Play Mats

Ideally, play mats will be made from durable, easy to clean materials. Whether they're spot-clean only or machine washable, you want to be able to clean up all the dirt, glitter, sculpting clay, or whatever else may find its way to your child's play area!

That being said, durable shouldn't mean scratchy, nor do you want a rug that's rich with loose fibres. Find something that's easy on the skin but won't shed and end up in your kid's mouth. Play mats made from cotton or other soft, natural materials that have been tightly woven are the most suitable for your youngsters.

Play mats come in all shapes and sizes to suit your household needs. You may want to cover your kid's bedroom floor with a bigger play mat while keeping a smaller one around the house to lay down in your living room or office. Square or rectangular play mats are perfect for turning a corner space into a play area and round play mats make great centrepieces!

You'll also get to choose from all kinds of patterns. If you prefer a unified look to every room, a subtle pattern may do the trick. If you want a play mat that can be part of the imaginative fun, look for something with a more engaging and illustrative design!

Your 2019 Play Mat Buying Guide

Now that you've got an idea of what you're looking for, let's see if we can find anything that lines up with your vision for the best options for play mats. We're certain that we've picked options that every parent and kid is bound to love.

Lego Playmat and Toy Storage Bag

The round Lego Playmat and Toy Storage Bag comes in three different patterns and is the perfect solution to all those tiny, loose toys.

Choose from three fun patterns and, with this reversible play mat, display either colourful diamonds or a soft, neutral tone. Each mat is lined with a drawstring so you can go from playtime to clean up in a snap! This mat is perfect for any lego-lovers who have a tendency to leave those little blocks underfoot.

The Lego Playmat is made from a strong, soft 100% cotton canvas. It measures 130 centimeters in diameter.

OYOY Adventure Play Rug

The rectangular OYOY Adventure Play Rug sets the stage for playtime with a hand-printed road running through mountains, teepees, and trees!

This play mat comes in neutral colours, making it perfect for all of the boys and girls in your family. Everyone will have fun driving toy cars down the road or setting up a miniature camp for dolls. Look out for bears!

The OYOY Adventure Rug is made from woven, 100% cotton and printed with non-toxic dye. It measures 180 cms by 70

cms. Because of the hand-printing process, this play mat should be spot-cleaned and not machine washed.

Bloomingville Rug - City

The rectangular City Scene Bloomingville Rug will also take playtime to the next level with its printed road that takes toy cars from the wilderness to a quaint little city!

Sticking with our gender-neutral theme, this play mat comes in soft white and grey tones. Boys and girls can take their toys hiking up mountains, trekking through fox-filled forests, and back home for a nap. 


Bloomingville Round Rug - City

The City Scene Bloomingville Round Rug is the circular cousin of the rectangular Bloomingville City Scene Rug. Different shape, same fun design! And with the Round Rug, there's even a little pond for all of your kid's boating adventures.

The Bloomingville Round Rug is also made from 100% cotton and measures 130 cms in diameter.

OYOY - The World Rug Mat

The OYOY World Rug Mat puts the whole world right at your kid's feet! Use it for nap time, playtime, or even a little educational time.

Teach your kid about the continents and match their stuffed animals to the right regions of the world. Or grab some toy boats and share a history lesson on the movement of people! The possibilities for educational play are endless with this adorable play mat.

The OYOY World Rug Mat is made from woven, 100% cotton. It measures 135 cms in diameter.

Elk and Earth Merino Wool Mat

The Elk and Earth Merino Wool Mat is durable, functional, and stylish. Choose between a black, gray, or pink base, all with a white criss-cross center. 

This mat's bold design is cute enough for a nursery and cool enough for a teen's room. Your kid can grow up with this rug! Even if they grow tired of it, you're sure to find somewhere to use it in your home as an eye-catching piece.

The Elk and Earth Mat is made from 100% Merino wool (the softest and cuddliest wool there is). It measures 120 cms in diameter.

OYOY Lion Rug

The OYOY Lion Rug is hardly ferocious. This lion is sporting a smile!

This play mat is perfect for any animal lover and will look adorable in any kid's room. Your kid will love having a play mat that also functions as a friend!

The OYOY Lion Rug is made from 80% wool and 20% cotton, a soft and durable combination. It measures 95 cms in diameter, making it great for smaller spaces and little feet.

Elk and Earth Scandi Ball Rug

The Elk and Earth Scandi Ball Rug is luxurious on the skin and nice on the eyes. This rug is great for crawlers, totterers, and adults alike.

The soft charcoal tone will complement the design in any room. The wool balls create tactile interest for your newborns and toddlers and invite them to explore with their hands. Plus, this textured mat can help them gain some extra footing and grip as they teeter through their first steps. 

The Elk and Earth Scandi Ball Rug is made from 100% wool balls. They are bound together well, so you don't have to worry about any wool balls coming loose and floating around your floor.

Bloomingville Hopscotch Rug

The rectangular Bloomingville Hopscotch Rug is oodles of fun and encourages physical play!

Bring the fun of hopscotch indoors without the mess of chalk. This play mat doubles as a hopscotch board and is dotted with dreamy stars. Teach your kids a game you loved as a kid and join in for some active playtime.

Not in the mood to hop around? No worries! This play mat is soft enough to sit, crawl, and lay on. 

The Bloomingville Hopscotch Rug is made from 100% cotton. It measures 170 cms by 65 cms and can be used in any room or hallway. To keep the design in tip-top shape, spot-clean only.

Make Playtime Safe and Comfortable With Play Mats

We hope you love our selection of the best play mats in 2019 as much as we do! Want to see even more? Check out our full selection to find the perfect play mat for every room.

At HipKids, we design furniture, toys, and accessories for your kids with our own kids in mind. We guarantee quality and safety with every purchase. We believe we have the best range of playmats in Australia

What’s so special about HipKids?

At HipKids, our toys and kids’ furniture can’t be found anywhere else. These unique and beautifully made items are both stylish and functional, and are made from materials that are safe for kids and will stand the test of time. And despite their uniqueness, we are still able to maintain an affordable and competitive price point due to our ability to buy them directly from the manufacturer. We believe we the best play mat range & nursery rugs in Australia

Because we’re an Australian business run by parents, we know all about the punishment kids’ possessions get handed out, so we only stock toys and furniture that meets the demands of the average family.

We source our products from around the globe and each item we select not only meets our own high expectations, but Australian Safety Standards as well. That means you can buy from us with confidence, knowing our products will continue providing enjoyment for your kids for many years to come.

HipKids are renowned for our superior customer service, competitive prices, and our focus on only supplying the very best of the best. Everything we sell comes with our HipKids promise – that means if you aren’t 100% happy with something you buy, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply).

And every time you buy from us, one dollar from the sale goes to a life-changing projects for sick kids as part of our Starlight Foundation partnership. So you’re not only buying a quality product for your children, but also helping kids who are less fortunate than your own.

Browse our range and enjoy a positive shopping experience

If you live in Melbourne, feel free to drop into our Inner East Melbourne showroom and select from our range in store. We’re open from 9.30am to 3pm weekdays and from 9.30am to 1pm on Saturday.

Or if you’d rather shop kids rugs online from home, you can have your items delivered directly to your door with our fast Australia-wide shipping. We try and despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt and clearance of payment.

We always provide a positive shopping experience at HipKids, so browse and buy in store or online now!



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