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There are a large variety of dolls houses, dolls furniture & dolls on the market, with a range of different sizes, features and prices to choose from.

At HipKids, for example our dolls houses are designed for the style conscious, and our Remi’s wooden dolls house is the ultimate example.

Fully decorated inside and out with opening front door, fixed windows and upper level in the attic-style roof, the Remi's wooden dolls house will provide hours of imaginative fun and play for your child.

Inspired by Hampton style architecture, the Remi doll house has been finished in neutral colours which complement any décor and make it an ideal unisex dolls house suitable for both girls and boys.

Designed for children aged three and over, it comes with a choice of three different door colours; pink, mint green and grey, and can be purchased separately or with our matching 30 piece Dolls House Furniture Set and 4 Doll Family Set.

You can also make your dolls house purchase even more special by having it personalised with your little one’s name. Personalised name stickers for Remi's dolls houses can be purchased separately, making this the perfect gift idea for Christmas or a birthday.

HipKids also stocks a create range of Doll Cots, Doll Furniture and Dolls

 7 Incredible Educational Benefits of Playing With Dollhouses

In a world that is increasingly dominated by technology, we have to think about the impacts technology has on our kids. Did you know that studies have shown that kids who play with electronic toys more than books and traditional toys learn fewer words? 

It may be easier to sit your kids down with a smartphone or tablet for a few hours than to engage them in imaginative or educational play.

However, traditional toys like dollhouses can be just as absorbing and entertaining as electronic toys. Plus, dollhouses are more than just fun. They're beneficial to early childhood development.

Read on to learn more about 7 educational benefits dollhouse play has for your kids! Stick around for a glimpse at some of our favorite dollhouses on the market.

The Educational Benefits of Dollhouses

Before we get into the specific educational benefits of dollhouses, we'd like to note that these benefits apply to all children. In the past, dollhouses have been most commonly gifted to girls. Who's to say boys don't enjoy house-making and roleplaying games, too?

Now, on to the dollhouse benefits!

1. Language Building

Most children are observant and will pick up the meaning of individual words from you, the television, the radio, and so on. However, in order to actually acquire that language for their own use, they have to participate in interactions.

Ideally, these interactions will be with you or other adults who can correct or modify their use of language. That being said, you probably don't have time to talk to your kid every hour that they're awake.

Playing with toys that are meant to be personified (like dolls) will encourage your kid to explore language. As they try out different words, they will begin to understand how verbs and nouns relate to one another. Playtime that requires kids to think about language, rather than allowing them to passively absorb it, will give them a greater opportunity to practice using it.

2. Communication Skills

What do we use language for? Communicating, of course!

Dollhouse play is unique because it typically requires communication even if only one kid is involved. The family of dolls allows your kid's imagination to take on several roles and create situations for those roles to interact.

By participating in this multi-person roleplaying, your kid will begin to learn that there are certain expectations people have when communicating. If a question is asked, an answer is expected. If the speaker gives a command, it is expected that the listener will follow it or explain why it can't be followed.

Of course, we can't assume that role play will always lead to perfect manners or crystal clear communication! But with practice and guidance, kids can begin to differentiate between effective and ineffective communication.

3. Object Recognition

Research has shown that toddlers are more likely to retain the names of objects if they are allowed to hold the objects, themselves. Because nearly everything in a dollhouse is small enough to be held, dollhouses can actually improve object recognition. After all, they may be able to pick up the toy couch, but they certainly can't hold the real couch!

This kind of tactile learning could also help with learning shapes and colors, too. Practice identifying words with your kid as they play. Teach them that the plates are round, the windows are square, the couch is white, and so on. 

And don't shy away from their curiosity. If they ask you questions or want to describe the objects in their dollhouse, make yourself available. Reward their desire to learn!

4. Fine Motor Skills

Setting up miniature furniture, moving dolls from one room to another--these things require fine motor skills.

Eventually, these skills will be mostly subconscious and will enable your kid to do things like hold a paintbrush or play an instrument. At first, however, things might be a little it clumsy. Small toys like dollhouses let them use their hands to grip, pick things up, set things down, and even balance what they're holding.

5. Spatial Awareness

You may notice that as your kid grows, they become more aware of the space they inhabit. This is crucial, especially as you near the schooling age!

Spatial awareness does more than just tell us when we're taking up someone else's personal space. It also helps us to describe needs and desires based on location. In other words, there is a language to spatial awareness, and it is best learned in relation to three-dimensional objects.

Playing with dollhouses creates opportunities for kids to understand space and the objects that occupy it. As they move furniture and dolls, they understand that two things can't occupy the same exact space.

They also develop the language to describe space and placement. They learn, for example, that one room is beneath another or that a table is next to a chair. Being able to describe location will teach them how to give directions, explain where objects are, and describe things physically.

6. Emotional Skills

Roleplaying allows kids to imagine themselves on different ends of a relationship and in different scenarios. Dollhouses can create safe spaces to experience different emotions and learn how to react to them. 

It also gives them a chance to explore empathy. As they mirror, for example, your behaviour as a parent, they can pretend to respond to a child in distress. This reversal of their lived experience shows them what it feels like to react with care and compassion.

They can also explore emotions like anger and frustration. As they try out different scenarios that lead to different emotional responses, they may come to realise what behaviours provoke anger and how to communicate with other peoples' feelings in mind.

7. Creativity

The stage may be set by the dollhouse and accessories, but the scenes are entirely up to your kid's imagination! Creativity is one of the greatest forms of self-expression and emotional processing. Imaginative play allows kids to explore their feelings, problem-solve, and expand their focus.

Encouraging creative expression in your kid will grant you some insight into their well-being. Are the products of their creativity positive or negative? Are thoughts or ideas coming out that they don't express in conversation?

It can also boost their confidence in the power of their mind. Creative freedom doesn't just translate to the arts. It can also lead to thoughtful findings and observations in core subjects like literature and math!

Our Favourite Dollhouses

Now that you've seen all of the amazing educational benefits of dollhouses, we're going to show you a few of our favourite dollhouses on the market!

All are finished with non-toxic paint or lacquer for safe play. Plus, they're made from durable materials like medium-density fiber board and birchwood, so they're built to last.

Remi's Dollhouse with Doll Family & Furniture Set

Remi's Dollhouse comes with a bonus pack of 4 wooden dolls and 20 pieces of furniture. Your kid can even change the colour of the front door between grey, pink, and pale blue.

The first level is open for a family-style living room, dining room, and kitchen. The upstairs is divided into a bedroom and a bathroom and the attic is open to be whatever your kid dreams up! 

Remi's Dollhouse measures 65 cms high, 51 cms wide, and 34 cms deep. It is suitable for kids aged three and up. Its neutral colours make it a great doll house for girls and boys

Olli Ella Holdie House

The Olli Ella Holdie House is designed for play on the go, made from lightweight wood and equipped with a carrying strap. 

Pair it with the Olli Ella Holdie Furniture Set, which comes with beds and bedding, tables and nightstands, and even plush potted plants!

Or, if you love the furniture and dolls that come with Remi's Dollhouse, get the Doll Furniture & Dolls Set here.

The Olli Ella Holdie House is 27 cms wide, 26 cms wide, and 24 cms deep. It is suitable for kids aged three and up.

Hape Doll Family Mansion

The Hape Doll Family Mansion has a more colourful look and some pretty impressive bells and whistles--including a working doorbell and lamps! 

The doors and windows can open and shut and the garage door can be rolled up. It comes with 4 dolls and 25 pieces of furniture. Plus, there are two sliding doors, one pool, and a water hose for the yard.

The Hape Doll Family Mansion measures 72.5 cms high, 77.5 cms wide, and 18 cms deep. It is suitable for kids aged three and up.

What makes HipKids the coolest toy store in town?

HipKids is number one on every family’s hip parade for lots of great reasons;

  • We’re proudly Australian-ownedWe’re a family business, run by parentsWe’ve been supplying our unique range of toys, furniture and décor for more than ten yearsWe have a reputation for top customer service, reasonable prices and the very best products availableOur range includes products that you just won’t find anywhere else.

HipKids hand-picked range is cherished by kids all over the country, and our products are refreshingly designed, comply with Australian Safety Standards, and come with a 1 Year Structural Warranty for complete peace of mind.

And we are so confident about what we sell that we back it with our HipKids promise – that means if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we provide a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply).

Want to feel even better about shopping with us? When you buy from us, one dollar from every sale is donated to a life-changing project for kids through the I=change initiative. So not only are you giving your children memories they’ll cherish forever, you’re also helping children less fortunate than your own.

It’s all part of the positive shopping experience we offer and we’re positive you won’t find a store like ours anywhere else.

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Visit the full collection of dolls, dollhouses, and accessories to see what other goodies HipKids has in store. You may just find your kid's new favourite toy.

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