Doll House w/ Furniture & Dolls

Fully decorated inside and out with opening front door, fixed windows and upper level in the Attic style roof, Remi's Wooden Dolls house will provide hours of imaginative fun & play for your child.

Remi's Personalised Doll House

Remi's Personalised Doll House

Your child can now have their own personalised Dollhouse


Child's Name Sticker for Doll House

Child's Name Sticker for Doll House

Your child can now have their own personalised Dollhouse


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Remi's Doll Furniture & Doll Family Set
Remi's Doll House w/ Doll Family & Furniture Set

Remi's Doll House w/ Doll Family & Furniture S

comes w/ BONUS 4 wooden dolls & 30pc wooden furn set


Its simplistic, contemporary colours & design will allow Remi's Doll House to complement any room in your home.

Our adorable Remi's Dolls House can be purchased separately, or with matching 30 piece Dolls House Furniture Set and 4 Doll Family set. Perfect for imaginitive role play & fun!

To make it extra special It can also be personalised with your child's name

Why Choose Remi's Doll House For Your Child?

There’s a large variety of doll houses, including their size, features, price range and so on. There are plenty of plastic doll houses on the market and wooden ones that are old and vintage like. Remi's doll house is has been designed for the style conscious

Inspired by Hampton style architecture, remi's doll house has been finished in neutral tone colours so it will complement any decor colour pallette. It's neutral colours also makes it an ideal unisex wooden doll house suitable for both girls & boys. In addition to the 30pcs dolls house furniture set, also included are 3 different coloured doors: Pink, Mint Green & Grey.

Remi's dolls house furniture set also has no detachable or breakable small part and has been designed for children aged 3+

As mentioned above to make your dolls house purchase extra special you can also have it personalized with your child's first name making a perfect gift idea for Christmas or a special birthday. Personalised name sticker for Remi's Dolls house can be purchased separately below.