HipKids and the i=Change Initiative

September 06, 2017

The i=Change initiative began as a way to let businesses give back to causes they care about, and allow consumers to weave philanthropy into everyday, online purchases. Thephilosophy is simple; i=Change have a carefully selected list ofNGO partners that brands can choose to support,and then engage their customers in giving through donating $1 directly to that cause through every sale.


Here, HipKids’ co-founder, Sue Bennardo, speaks about her motivations behind joining the i=Change initiative, and why it’s so important to her and HipKids as a business.

What was the idea behind joining the i=Change initiative?

We are very fortunate to have three healthy children and a viable business. Whilst it's easy for us all to get caught up in our daily lives, we can sometimes take for granted how fortunate and privileged we are to have access to basic needs.


We wanted to give back in some way and help children and families who aren’t as fortunate in life. We heard Jeremy Meltzer, founder ofi=Change, speak out about some of the charity projects they are involved with. We wanted to be involved and to be able to contribute in some small way. Joining the i=Change initiative made perfect sense.

Why did you select the charities you did?

The three charities we have chosen all struck a chord with us. They all support children and families in need; ‘Helping kids with cancer’, ‘Protecting children from child abuse’ and ‘Feed Aussies in crisis’.


Children possess something many of us adults have lost; the quality of innocence – and it breaks our hearts to see children in despair. We strongly believe that every child has the right to feel happy, healthy, loved and protected.

What do you hope users will take from the initiative, especially leading into the Festive Season?

We want to raise awareness for the three charities closest to our hearts. For most people, the Festive season is a happy time of the year – an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy time with family and friends. For the ill and less fortunate children and families, this time of year can be a particularly sad and difficult period. It’s important we reflect and give back during this time, hoping to make a positive change in some way.

What is your hope for businesses within Australia and their investment in corporate responsibility?

We hope to empower and encourage other online business’, both large and small, to participate and give back where they can. By donating $1 from every transaction made via our website, we could make a positive impact to little lives if more businesses became involved.

What message would you like to leave the HipKids community this Festive Season?

Please help us to help children most in need. Please take the time to choose from the three charities displayed after you complete checkout via our site. It won’t cost you any more, only your time to make your choice.

What is your hope for the future of kids, worldwide?

Our children are our priceless treasures and our hope is that the number of children suffering illness, abuse or poverty can be minimised through initiatives like i=Change, with more businesses becoming involved.


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