Pedal Cars For Kids

Give your little one a fresh new ride with our selection of pedal cars for sale. Explore pedal cars for kids featuring a functional steering system and order now.

Pedal Cars For Kids

Pedal Cars &  Ride On Cars  Boys and girls, start your engines! HipKids ride on toys for kids are the...

What is a kid’s ride on a toy?

This classic children’s toy can come in many different types, from pedal cars, trucks and scooters to ride on animals and rocking horses. Simply put, a ride on a toy is designed to have your child sit atop or inside and then typically by using foot pedals, they are able to move forward at their own pace.

What are the benefits of a kid’s ride on a toy?

Besides being a fun form of exercise for your child, ride on toys can actually help your little one in an incredible number of ways. Children have powerful imaginations that should be nurtured and as they take their ride on toys on little journeys, they lose themselves in a world they’ve come up with all on their own. With their ride on toy your child will also develop both fine and gross motor skills as they learn to navigate hurdles and problem solve all by themselves. 

Watch as their balance and coordination becomes stronger every time they hop on their favourite ride on a toy. Playing in this way also encourages a sense of independence and the more they ride, the stronger their confidence and sense of self will become. Better yet, a lot of these skills they are learning are transferable, making things easier for them when the time comes to start riding a proper bicycle and one day — a car!

Are rides on toys safe?

Of course, the chances of your child hurting themselves on a scooter are likely to be higher than if they were playing with a puzzle indoors. However, this doesn’t mean that ride-on toys aren’t safe and should be avoided. 

In fact, letting your little one take risks is an important part of their development and there are always plenty of measures you can implement to minimise these risks. This can be done by making sure your child is supervised, teaching them how to operate their ride on toys properly and providing them with an environment clear from potential dangers like stairs. Lean into the possibility of a few bumps and realise that by picking them up, dusting them off and encouraging them to keep going, you’re instilling them with the resilience they’ll come to rely on later in life.

How do I choose a kid’s ride on toys?

Whether your little one is an aspiring equestrian or car-obsessed, with HipKids extensive collection of kid’s rides on toys, there is something to bring a smile to every child’s face. An important factor to consider when selecting a ride on a toy for your child is their age and abilities. For example, if you want to purchase a toy horse for your child, a Ponycycle is best suited to older children aged four to nine, whereas a hobby horse or a rocking horse is a great choice for children aged one to six years. 

A clever option if you have multiple children of similar ages is to invest in a model that’s suited to group play like a two-seater truck or scooter set. Before you buy, be sure to check the ride on toy’s specifications and age recommendations. For any questions, feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll make sure your little one drives away happy!

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