Pretend Play Toys

Pack your little one's day with excitement and adventure with our toys for pretend play that spark the imagination. Explore our entire range and order online.

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20 Results




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ELSA Doll House with Furniture & Doll Family Set
Gourmet Toy Kitchen Set White
Modern Chef Toy Kitchen Soft Pink
Wooden Moon Doll Pram Grey
Wooden Moon Doll Pram

Hipkids best selling doll pram that can be personalised


Gourmet Toy Kitchen White
Toy Grocer Stand
HipKids Rocking Horses Brown
Nordic Chef Toy Kitchen Set
Elsa Doll House
Brown Ride On Walking Toy Horse Pony Small
Pretend Play Food Value Pack
Play Tunnel White
Play Tunnel

Indoor/outdoor fun in a compact storage bag


Kids Steel Toy Ride-On Excavator Mustard
White Ride on Walking Toy Horse Unicorn Small
HipKids Hobby Horse Brown
ELSA Doll Furniture & Doll Family
Gourmet Toy Fridge White
JaBaDaBaDo Play and Learn box 12-18 months
Celeste Doll High Chair
Nordic Chef Toy Kitchen
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Pretend Play Toys

Give them the tools they need to create a world of their own with pretend play toys from HipKids. The...

What should I buy for my child to play outside?

We all know how important outdoor play is for keeping kids healthy, active and happy. In order to encourage plenty of play in the fresh air, it’s a great idea to have a range of kids' outdoor toys that stimulate both their bodies and minds. Children’s bikes and scooters encourage exercise and help growing bodies develop, while outdoor play equipment for kids encourages imaginative play so your little ones can explore their environment and develop their ideas.

What defines outdoor play?

Outdoor play involves a range of physical activities that help children develop their gross motor skills, interact with their environment, and learn by exploring and gaining confidence through adventures.

Outdoor play can look like running, kicking, throwing and catching balls, jumping, building and climbing. It’s also a great opportunity to let children get lost in their own world as they create stories and characters from their imagination.

What can kids do outside alone?

While a certain level of supervision is always important for children, especially young ones, creating a safe and hazard-free outdoor area in your own home means kids can play outside without your direct observation. Our range of wooden cubby houses is constructed from durable timber and has clever features like extra-wide hinges to avoid little fingers getting trapped — perfect for kids' outdoor play alone.

Why is outdoor play important in early childhood?

For so many reasons, it’s essential that kids have ample time for outdoor play during early childhood. Fresh air, Vitamin D and physical exercise are all required for young children to stay fit, happy and healthy. It’s a new and stimulating environment away from the inside of your home, and affords kids the opportunity for rambunctious and messy play — something every little one needs!

In much the same way that being out in nature is a way of recharging our adult batteries, giving kids the chance to run, jump and explore in the sunshine can be effective for their mental wellbeing, reducing stress, anxiety and improving sleep.

What are some of the most popular outdoor activities for kids?

In the HipKids collection of toys and play equipment for kids, you’ll find a range of popular items that all kids will love to play with. From our ever-popular wooden cubby houses that bring their imagination to life to sand and water picnic tables for kinetic play, tricycles and bicycles, kids of all ages will find plenty to love in our range.

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