Craft Toys For Kids

Discover a plethora of DIY arts and crafts kits for kids designed to develop patience and creativity. We source craft toys from trusted brands like Djeco and more.

20 Results

20 Results




87 Results

4 in 1 Table Top Easel
Tiger Tribe Felt Stories - Once Upon A Garden
Jellystone Tray Play Soft Blue
Jellystone Tray Play


Mieredu Magic GO Drawing Board - Doodle Unicorn
Tiger Tribe Dot Paints
HeyDoodle Reusable Silicone MiniMat Sugar and Spice
HeyDoodle Reusable Silicone MiniMat

Great for travel


HeyDoodle Reusable Silicone Drawing Mat Sugar and Spice
HeyDoodle Reusable Silicone Drawing Mat

Great for travel


Tiger Tribe Mini Transfer Magic - Flower Fairies
Tiger Tribe Sticker Pics - Butterflies
Mieredu Magnetic Kit - My Body + Emotion
Low Stock
JaBaDaBaDo Moneybox Seahorse
DJECO Do It Yourself Creature Chic Card Game
DJECO Do It Yourself Space Kaleidoscope
Tiger Tribe Paper Dolls Kit - Vintage
Mieredu Magic GO Drawing Board - Doodle Dino
Low Stock
Tiger Tribe Magnificent ABC - My World
DJECO Leaves and Flowers Wooden Beads
Low Stock
Huckleberry Water Marbles
Tiger Tribe Chalk It Up - Games For Outdoors
Tender Leaf Toys My Botanical Flower Press
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Craft Toys For Kids

Toy Craft Kits Arts and crafts are a wonderful way to give your children something stimulating and rewarding to do....

What is a craft kit?

A craft kit is essentially any toy or playset that encourages children to engage with new or challenging concepts while expressing themselves artistically. This includes analytical craft toys, such as puzzles and flashcards, as well as artistic DIY craft kits with things like crayons and stickers.

How do arts and crafts help a child's development?

Arts and crafts play a vital role in every child's development. Painting and colouring help develop fine motor skills, while creativity itself is known to improve problem-solving abilities.

Arts and crafts can also be used to strengthen a child's literacy and communication skills. Simply asking your child questions about their crafts will give them a chance to express their thoughts verbally while introducing them to some new vocabulary.

Is crafting good for your brain?

Yes! Giving children a creative outlet early on will help them understand their feelings, express them, and cope with them in a healthy way. This is one of the many reasons why people of all ages may find arts and crafts kits valuable to their mental health.

What craft products does HipKids offer?

HipKids offers a wide range of craft sets for kids that are easy, fun, and beneficial for early childhood development. This includes toy bundles, puzzles, flashcards, magnetic art sets, DIY tiara crafts, stackable crayons, and so much more.

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If you have any other questions about our craft kits or would like help placing an order, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us by calling (03) 9816 8588, emailing, or by dropping by our store in Melbourne. We hope to hear from you soon!

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