Ride On Animals For Kids

Saddle up for adventure with our realistic toy horses. Perfect for imaginative play and outdoor fun. Get yours today!

Ride On Animals For Kids

Ponycycle & Rocking Toys Our Ponycycle toy animals will be a huge hit with your kids – with no batteries or...

What is a PonyCycle?

One of the most popular children’s toys of this generation, the PonyCycle is the world’s first realistic, ride on horse toy that is completely battery and electricity-free. Simulating the movement of a real-life pony ride, the PonyCycle is powered by your little one’s own strength. Unlike a standard, stationary rocking horse, the toy allows for complete freedom of movement so your child can travel anywhere they like as if they were riding a real galloping pony. What helps make the experience of the PonyCycle so lifelike is its raised seat and natural riding motion, which bounces the little rider up and down just as a real horse would.

How do you ride a PonyCycle?

Helping your child learn how to ride their PonyCycle couldn’t be easier. Its intuitive design calls for the rider to simply press down on the footrests if they wish to move forward. As your child is lowered into the seat, the front and hind legs of their horse will begin to move together and apart, gently propelling your little one into motion. To turn and direct their ride on horse, get your child to grip the easy-to-manoeuvre wooden pegs located at the base of the PonyCycle’s neck. From here they can steer their mechanical mare just like they would with handlebars on a bicycle.

What surfaces does the PonyCycle work on?

The PonyCycle can safely tackle various types of indoor and outdoor terrain as the ride on horse rests on four durable and ultra-smooth wheels. Constructed from solid polyurethane plastic, they’re similar to the wheels of rollerblades and can handle tougher surfaces like tiles and roads while still being gentle enough as to not scratch floors. Carpet, while still ride-able, is likely to be a bit more of a challenge and so it’s best to stick to low-pile varieties. Keep in mind, your child should be supervised when riding their PonyCycle, and you should make sure they’re not riding near any dangers like staircases or busy roads.

Is a PonyCycle safe for kids to ride?

Yes! Unlike other ride on horse toys, the PonyCycle has no risk of electric shock and its one-way wheels minimise the chance of falling as they are unable to move backwards. With clever design features like a large turning circle and ergonomic internal frame, the Ponycycle allows for a smooth, safe ride.

What are the best rides on horse toys for toddlers?

When browsing our collection, it’s important to factor in your child’s age before you make your selection. For example, a Ponycycle is a slightly more advanced toy that is best suited to older children aged four to nine. If you are looking for a ride on a horse toy for a younger child, we recommend opting for either a hobby horse or a rocking horse. 

An iconic children’s toy, our rocking horses are suitable for children aged one to six years of age and are a great way to teach your child balance, coordination and motor skills. Another children’s classic, the hobby horse is a lightweight and portable alternative that is a hit with small children. Explore our entire range of riding horse toys and select the perfect horse for your little one today.

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