Doll Houses

Our adorable doll houses for sale encourage imaginative fun and play. Treat your little one to a very special Scandinavian-inspired kids' doll house today.

Doll Houses

Kids Doll Houses & Furniture Sets Are you looking to give a child a unique present? A dollhouse would be...

Why a dollhouse toy?

Children have played with doll houses since time immemorial. In the past, they were gifted to girls, but today’s dollhouses are unisex in design. Dollhouses as traditional toys have been seen to help children develop language and socialisation skills faster than children who play with electronic gadgets like smartphones. 

What are the benefits of dollhouse toys?
  • Visual recognition 

Dollhouses come with dolls, accessories and furniture that a child has to arrange these objects for during play, which helps develop visual skills. The child can tell shapes and colours apart.  

  • Developing language and communication

Playing with a dollhouse for kids helps a child develop language when she interacts with other children and adults.  Toys are popular learning aids in early childhood because of the associative effect with language.  The child will also develop communication skills as she needs to make her feelings and needs known to her playmates. 

  • Problem-solving skills 

Arranging the dollhouse forces a child to test several arrangements until she finds one that will fit.  This process hones her problem-solving skills which will be readily applicable in other areas

  • Developing social skills 

Children develop social skills by interacting with other children as well as adults.  A child will make a story about her characters in the dollhouse, which gradually imbues the concept of different people’s roles in the family and society at large.  

  • Cultivate creativity and imagination 

Dollhouse pretend games encourage children to come up with different scenarios in which their doll characters are involved, e.g. a birthday party or a tea party.  It also involves arranging furniture sets and other accessories in the dollhouse, all of which requires imagination. 

  • Developing fine motor skills 

Fine motor skills are those that involve working with small objects, e.g. pens and miniature furniture.  A child playing with these small objects can develop handling, gripping and balancing skills in the hands. 

  • It’s great fun 

Playing with a dollhouse can be a great joy to children.  They can spend hours playing out different pretend scenes, which is a better alternative to sitting in front of the TV.

What age is appropriate for these dolls?

Hip Kids dollhouses are suitable for children aged three years up.  Hip Kids dollhouses are made of 100% wood. They have been designed with child safety in mind, without sharp points and edges, or spaces that can trap their hands.

How big are HipKid dollhouses?

The biggest wooden dolls house is 72.5x77.5x18 cm while the smallest is 27x26x24 cm.  

Where can I get HipKid dollhouses?

You can contact us for any enquiries. We deliver to all parts of Australia. 

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