Puzzles For Kids

Enjoy and engage your little one with fun and age-appropriate children's puzzles. We'll deliver your kids' puzzle AUS-wide. Browse our selection and take your pick.

Puzzles For Kids

Kids Jigsaw Puzzles & Wood Puzzles At HipKids, we have hand-picked a wonderful selection of puzzles for kids at every...

What age are our puzzles suitable for?

Is your little one starting to show interest in more than just their immediate surroundings? If so, it might be time to introduce them to the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles. It may come as a surprise to some but your babies can start using puzzles as young as 12 months. All of our puzzles are designed to be suitable for a range of ages, starting from 12 months with the Wooden Baby Shape Sorter. Once your child starts to get a bit older, we have puzzles that are visually pleasing and with big enough pieces for your child's growing hands. The 100 piece Djeco Enchanted Forest Observation is so lovely and colourful for children over 5. Each of our puzzles meets the Australian Safety Toy Standards and are designed to be accessible for children from 12 months and up. Please check the recommended age for each of our puzzle products for an appropriate age guide.

What age should a child do puzzles?

Did you know that babies can start puzzles from as early as 12 months! Starting your child with jigsaw’s comes with so many benefits, including bonding with parents, developing hand-eye coordination and introducing patterns and colours to your little ones. 18 months is generally when your baby will be developmentally ready to begin playing with puzzles. Starting your baby off with some simple wooden puzzles, such as our JaBaDaBaDo Puzzle Safari set is a great place to start. For your younger ones, we suggest something like Qtoys Natural Bouncing Stacking Rings. Here at Hip Kids, we aim to provide options for children of all ages. For older children, we suggest a puzzle-like our Ridley's Games Dog Lovers 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. You and your kids can enjoy identifying each puppy while enjoying some quiet family time together.

Are puzzles good for children?

Puzzles are great for your children, not only do they provide quiet time while parents have a cuppa, but they also support your child’s fine motor skills. Furthermore, they promote creative play and help develop some really important developmental skills we all learn as we grow up. Your child’s cognitive, physical and emotional developments are being fine-tuned every time a puzzle is used. So many of our wooden puzzles for kids are designed to teach them about shapes and colours, while even you can join in on the fun too. Parents involving themselves with their children’s puzzle-solving can help boost confidence and to reinforce positive bonding between parent and child.

How can puzzles help my child?

Puzzles for kids can help in so many wonderful ways. Aside from helping develop spatial awareness and their hand-eye coordination development, puzzles can be helpful with everyday skills. Items such as our Qtoys Wooden Egg-pression puzzle set are a fantastic example of how puzzles can be used to integrate conversations around emotions. Parents can use any puzzle for their young ones to help make connections to the world around them. Puzzles are a fantastic toy, even if it’s just to give your child some quiet time.

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