Room Decor For Kids

Create a fun and cheerful atmosphere in your little one's space with our collection of kids' room decoration ideas and items. Order lovely kids' room decorations online.

Room Decor For Kids

Transform your little one’s space with the most exciting range of kid’s bedroom decor in Australia from HipKids. From adventurous...

How do you style a kid’s bedroom?

If you’re thinking of styling or revamping your kid’s bedroom, here are a few steps you can follow to make the process a little easier:

  • Function follows form — Decide on the main functions, including the activities your child will be performing in the room. This includes sleeping, studying, playing, reading, and so much more.
  • Decide on a style — Once you decide on a child’s room style or decor, you’ll be able to narrow down your shopping list, built around accessories that will match and complement the theme.
  • Use DIY artworks — Children often create various DIY artworks and creations in school and at home. Pairing their own work with kid’s bedroom decor motivates them and makes them feel more connected to the space.
  • Keep it true to your child — Make sure your child’s room is inspired by their likes and preferences for them to feel one with the space.
Why is it important to decorate a child’s room?

A child’s room is a reflection of their growing personality. It illustrates their likes and way of life through colours, themes, characters and accessories. The room mirrors their preferences in animated characters, sports and more.

What are some good bedroom themes for kids?

Themes are the perfect way to add a spark of creativity and magic to a child’s room. Some of the best kid’s bedroom decor themes include:

  • Welcome to the jungle or animal safari — Animals, birds and trees
  • Princess — Dreamy wonderland of tiaras and princess characters
  • Out of this world — Stars, planets and galaxies
  • Dinosaurs — Giant but adorable creatures
  • Puppy love — Everything doggos
  • Superhero world — Comic characters and merchandise
  • Sporty — Basketball, football, cricket or any other sport they like to play
  • Dreamy — Subtle notes of pink and purple, unicorns and fairies
  • Over the rainbow — Everything rainbows and colours
  • Under the sea — Mermaids, fish, shells and so much more
  • Aye aye, sailor — Boats, ships and all things nautical
How do I decorate my child's room on a budget?

If you’re looking to decorate your child’s room on a budget, there are a few children's room decorations that can elevate a space while being affordable and long-lasting. Some of these products from HipKids include: 

  • Cushions — Easy multipurpose accessories for bedtime and decor. 
  • Rugs — Dual-function play rugs are an aesthetically pleasing yet functional addition to any room. 
  • Wall decals — Beautiful wall accessories which can completely transform a space. They are easy to apply to any wall and have the power to turn up a room with style.
  • Buntings — These are another great way to add movement and fluidity to a child’s room with a playful twist of colours and vibrancy. 
  • Lighting — Statement lighting pieces are a great way to make your child’s room stand out on a budget. You can pick from characters or styles which suit the room’s overall theme to make the lighting accent stand out even more.
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