Backpacks For Kids

At HipKids, you can find a wide selection of children's backpack designs for school, travel, or everyday use. Browse and order an adorable backpack for kids online.

Backpacks For Kids

Backpacks & Bags For Kids Check out HipKids hand pick selection of beautiful kids backpacks & bags. Whether your kids...

Why are kids backpacks useful?

Kids backpacks are great for your children to learn responsibility for carrying their own belongings. With each of your children carrying their own bag or backpack it makes it easy to separate their favourite snacks and toys on your daily travels.

What craft products does HipKids offer?

Our craft toys at HipKids include items such as bath crayons, activity sets, flash cards, and modelling dough. Each of our craft products are high quality and sourced from the best suppliers, making them far superior to what you can usually find in the stores.

How heavy should my kids backpack be?

As their bodies are still growing and developing, the recommended weight that a kids backpack should be is no more than 10% of their body weight. It is important to monitor the weight of the backpack that your child is carrying so it does not cause any chiropractic problems for them in the future.

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