Balance Bikes

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Balance Bikes

Wooden Balance Bike For Kids If you're interested in finding a balance bike for your child but aren't sure where...

What age is best for a balance bike?

Balance bikes are a perfect starting bike for your toddler, unlike tricycles that rely on two extra support wheels, balance bikes are designed to be moved by your child's feet so there is no need to worry about pushing pedals. Our balance bike product suitability will vary depending on your child's size, age and weight, we also stock removable wicker baskets so your child can take teddy for an adventure

Ideally, your child can start using a balance bike from the age of 2 onwards, however, if your child is not coming around to the idea of their balance bike do not force them to use it, they will soon come to find their balance bike is fun and gets them places fast. 

What's the point of a balance bike?

Balance bikes are a brilliant first bike for your child as they come with multiple benefits and are easy to use from the first try. Balance bikes do not have pedals, unlike conventional bikes, which means your child uses their feet to propel them forward, kind of like a scooter but with more stability. When using a conventional bike if you stop moving, the bike will fall over unless controlled properly, the three-wheeled balance bikes will simply stop, no wobbling or missing the pedals. A perfect starter bike to learn how to steer, balance and how fast they can go. 

Are balance bikes worth it?

Balance bikes provide an important platform for your child to continue developing their motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills and their balancing abilities. It also helps show them that you must be aware of their surroundings, balance bikes are a great first step before your child moves onto their “big kid” bike. 

What is the best balance bike?

Balance bikes will differ depending on your child's age, size and weight. There is no best universal bike, we may be biased, but our hipkids balance bikes are the best Australia can offer. We also sell helmets and some really cute road signs to help you familiarize your child with  basic road signs. If you would like to discuss our balance bikes and which would be suitable for your child, please contact us and we will do our best to help you. 

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