Bookshelves For Kids

Discover our stylish bookshelves made from medium density fibreboard featuring non-toxic paints and neutral tones. Transform your child's space with HipKids now!

Bookshelves For Kids

Kids Bookshelves & Bookcases At HipKids, we offer a great selection of stylish bookshelves designed specifically to display and store...

What range of kids bookshelves do we stock?

Here at Hipkids, we stock a varied range of stylish kids bookshelves that are designed for storybook display and storage. 

Like many of our products, we aim to deliver kids bookcases that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also functional. There are several different types of kids bookshelves that you can choose from. 

We have our more traditional white morris bookshelf or for something with a natural wood aesthetic the ladder-style bookshelves such as the Darcy Ladder Bookcase is another of our products for you to browse. 

How can I display my child’s books?

Depending on the style of children’s bookcase you choose, displaying their books can be a fun exercise for you and your child. For example, our Otto Bookshelf has been designed to be a space saver in your child’s bedroom, yet has plenty of slots for your children’s books to easily fit in to display the front covers. 

For a more conventional bookcase look, our White Morris Bookshelf allows books to be displayed with the spines facing outward. You can feel each shelf up with books or even add in some cute toys or essential items for easy access. 

Displaying your children's books can be done by colour theme or may be categorised by your child's favourite books. Our White Monti Book Rack is a convenient product to store your children’s books away while not taking up too much space. 

How can I style a kids bookshelf?

When you’ve chosen your child’s bookcase you can start to think about how you would style this lovely new furniture item. For example, if you are choosing something like our stackable toy boxes, these come in an assortment of beautifully bright colours that can really add a playful theme to your child’s room. 

This means that our children's bookcases are highly versatile and can be used for a number of purposes and storage needs.

If you go for something more like our Felix Storage Unit & 2 Bin Set shelves, you have the option to arrange books and toys on the top layer and hide away the bulkier soft toys or the toys that just seem to get everywhere, no matter how organised you are. 

How long until I receive the kid’s bookshelf?

Once your order has been processed you can expect to see your bookshelf within 1 - 10 business days, depending on where you are located. For information on our delivery times please have a look at our normal delivery guidelines on the Delivery Policy section of our website. 

If you would like to speak to one of our customer service representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us with your query. Having your order number and order details readily available will help our team with any questions you may have regarding your order. 

If you love our kid’s book storage solutions and options, why not check out more of our collection? We make everything from clocks for kids' rooms to pedal bikes and bean bag chairs.

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