How to Make a Christmas Tree Decoration

16 Dec

It's fun during the holidays to do art and craft activities with your kids, and there are ways that you can use these projects to help your kids learn new skills. This sequinned Christmas tree decoration from Childhood 101 is simple for children to make, and also encourages the development of fine motor skills through play. The items required to make this decoration include: a variety of different coloured sequins to make Christmas balls; small pins with coloured balls on the end to attach the balls to the tree; a polystyrene cone and green paint to form the tree and a few lengths of glitter tape to make the tinsel.

  • The first step is to paint the polystyrene cone green, so provide your child with the green paint, the cone and a paintbrush.
  • Once the cone is dry, you need to decorate the tree. Help your child to wind the glitter tap around the dry cone in an ascending pattern to form the 'tinsel' on the tree.
  • Pin the sequins onto the tree with the coloured pins. Use sequins of different sizes, shapes and colours for a more interesting and fun appearance.

If you have plenty of sequins, why not try making several trees with your child? Pinning the sequins on the tree will help your child develop their fine motor skills, and the kids will have fun decorating the house.

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