This FAILPROOF Kids Storage Hack Is Saving Families!

This FAILPROOF Kids Storage Hack Is Saving Families!

20 Feb

This FAILPROOF Way To Teach Kids To Tidy Their Room Is Saving Families!

Parents – there IS a way to teach your kids to keep their rooms clean, and all with the help of Hip Kids’ fantastic storage range. Read on to find out more! Let’s face it, every parent has been there! There’s a certain, stomach-churning irritation you feel when the kids just refuse to keep their rooms tidy. Every Lego brick they own is on the carpet. The doll they begged for last birthday is in pieces under the bed. You can’t even go in there without standing on something sharp or squishy! So, is there really a failproof way of teaching your kids to keep their rooms tidy? We think there is.

There’s a method to the madness

There’s a simple way to teach your kids to keep their room tidy that will save you so many arguments and headaches you’ll wonder where it’s been all your kids’ lives. Try it, and you’ll never have to play “Mum, have you seen my lunchbox/shoe/light sabre/pet mouse?” again!

  1. Firstly, make their bed. We know, you’re so sick of making their beds, but trust us on this.
  2. Put everything that’s on the floor on their bed. This allows them to see just how much stuff is lying around, and it’ll make it easier to decide what goes where.
  3. Next, put every clothing item into one of three piles: one for laundry; one for clothing that needs to be folded away into drawers; and one for everything that needs to be hung in a wardrobe.
  4. This step is the biggest one – storage! If you already have enough storage, sort every item that’s left on the bed into the appropriate container. Lego all goes together in a drawstring Lego bag, soft toys all go in a basket, mix and match sets have their own toybox, books are put together into a book shelf – it seems obvious, but having ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ is really the key to long term success.
  5. For pre-readers, add a picture of which toy or other item goes into which container; for older kids, consider sticky labels. Kids sharing a room? Grab some name stickers to personalise their baskets or toyboxes. Your child now has no excuse for not putting the right item in the right box!
  6. Finally, turn it into a game. Time how long it took to put everything away into its proper place, and do it weekly. Get the kids more involved by telling them to try to beat their best time, and turn it into a competition.

Got leftover bits and pieces that don’t have a ‘home’? It’s time to get brutal. Donate good toys, or throw away broken ones. Your child might complain at first, but they will ultimately be delighted with a more orderly bedroom full of things they actually play with regularly.

Storage is king!

Hip Kids has some fantastic kids’ storage items to give your kids a helping hand when tidying their rooms. From Lego storage bags to toy boxes, book cases, and other stylish storage accessories, your kids’ rooms can be clutter free without skimping on personality.

For more great kids’ storage and bedroom ideas, browse the full range at Hip Kids today!

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