19 of the Greatest Mummy Blogs

19 of the Greatest Mummy Blogs

11 Sep


Sometimes, just knowing there’s others out there like us can make all the difference. These 19 mummy blogs each have something different to offer mums, reminding us that no matter what you’re facing, chances are there is someone out there experiencing something similar.

Crash Test Mummy

Mother of two Laney doesn’t claim to be the perfect mum: far from it. She’s New Zealand born, lives in Melbourne and juggles work with looking after her son and daughter and managing adrenal fatigue.

The Modern Parent 

Martine Oglethorpe’s aim is to inform and educate other parents, particularly with regard to technology. Topics include online safety, online behaviour and digital trends. Recent posts have covered which apps are safe for children to use and the effects of technology on speech and language. A great blog for all those who’ve ever felt bemused by something their child has brought home.

The Imperfect Mum

Kristy wants her blog, The Imperfect Mum, to be a place of safety for all women. She began it following her experiences of postnatal depression and the blog now covers topics such as guilt, mental health, relationships and men.

The Little Mumma 

Little Mumma, aka Angie, gives an honest, funny account of life as a mum of three. She recently wrote a touching post on the stillborn birth of a friend’s baby and has also covered the emotive topic of breastfeeding.

Common Chaos Chronicle

Jacqui’s chaos comes in the form of six children. She shares the trials and tribulations of raising a large family, meal ideas and ways to entertain your brood, whether big or small.

Mummy Smiles

Mummy Smiles is dedicated to the happiness to be found in life and motherhood. A family trip in Western Australia has inspired many of the most recent posts from this mother of four.

My Mummy Daze

Fi is a young Australian mum who chronicles her experience of motherhood. Her posts are a mixture of fashion, fitness, recipes, school, travels and marriage.

Mummy To Five

With five children under the age of seven, Kirsty is documenting her family life online. Check out her special Christmas section, which has lots of helpful posts and inspiration for your own Christmas.

Life Love and Hiccups

The most popular posts on Sonya’s blog are her confessional posts, such as where she discusses the inability to continue being Superwoman and her huge leap into the unknown just under a year ago.

My Little Drummer Boys

Trish describes her blog as a random collection of stuff. She writes about being the parent of twins (born following IVF treatment) and a teenager (adopted as a baby).

My Three Ring Circus

My Three Ring Circus can be an emotional read, as one of the children in this family of nine is living with immune deficiency. Tiff also has two sets of twins.


 Sydney mother of two Lexi blogs about what she’s been wearing, watching, and doing. She covers fashion, beauty and more, with giveaways another feature of her blog posts.


 A colourful site decorated with jellybeans, Lori – a freelance writer – is in the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers Directory and won Sydney Writers’ Centre’s Best Australian Blog Award in 2011 for her frank and eclectic blog.

Retro Mummy 

Retro Mummy Corrie has just given birth to her sixth child under eight, so expect lots of newborn photos on this blog normally dedicated to baking and crafting at home.

Samelia’s Mum

The most popular posts on Samelia’s Mum’s blog relate to her love of quilting. She shares patterns, tutorials and family-friendly recipes and also has her own Craftsy page for more pattern ideas.

Kate Says Stuff

 Victorian mum Kate says stuff about her four children, stuff about autism, stuff about her passion for and business of fitness and stuff about life.

Seven Cherubs

The Seven Cherubs are of course seven children. Naomi lives in Brisbane and writes about her experiences of child abuse and post natal depression, plus the joys and challenges of raising a large family.

The Daze of my Life

Corinne and her family swapped Sydney for Dubai two years ago. She is married with three young children and began blogging as a way of keeping up her writing. Now, The Daze of my Life chronicles her family’s journey overseas and daily life in Dubai.

Where’s my Glow 

Glowless has built up an extensive online community. All of her posts are very close to the heart and inspiring. One of the big adventures she writes a lot about is her son's battle with Craniosynostosis. 'Things I know about allergy testing and anaphylaxis' is one of her popular posts as it shares all her knowledge to help raise awareness of Food Allergy Week.

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