Kids Balance Boards

 Looking for a fun and active way to help your kids develop balance and coordination skills? Look no further than our Kids Balance Boards & Toys! Our children's balance boards & toys are made of high-quality wood and designed to provide endless entertainment and skill-building opportunities.

Kids Balance Boards

Kids Wooden Balance Boards & Toys These Waldorf inspired Kids Balance boards will keep your kids moving. They have multiple...

What age is a wobble board for?

The wobble board is suitable for kids 0 and older.  Yes, that means big kids and even adults can use wobble boards too.

The best thing about balance boards for kids such as the wobble board is that it’s the type of toy that grows with your child.  As your child gets older, the balance board is simply used in different ways.

It’s a fact that toddlers play in vastly different ways to older children.  But there’s no doubt developing and retaining balance skills are beneficial throughout childhood and beyond.

How can a balance board help my child?

A kids balance board can help your child in a number of ways, each with their own developmental benefits.

Balance boards can help your child by:

  • Helps your child develop balance through play.

  • Encourages your child to exercise and use simple bodyweight exercises to build strength.

  • Even develops problem-solving skills as your child grows and discovers different things they can now do with their balance board.

You see, the balance board becomes whatever your child imagines it to be. There really is no limit.

Do balance boards really work?

Yes, balance boards really work.  Their health and development benefits are plain to see.

But the thing is, they work in a subtle manner.  While your child is having the time of their life playing and trying to stay steady, they’re already receiving priceless benefits such as learning to balance and building fine motor skills.

It’s not only balance that is developed on a wobble board, but your child will also build cognition and start to understand how they can interact with the world at large.

Coordination and timing are such important skills that a child must learn and the balance board goes a long way in helping your child build and discover them.

How long should you use a balance board?

You should encourage your children to use their balance boards for as long as they want.  The more they play, the more they practise and develop fine motor skills and balance.

As a parent, you don’t need to be thinking about putting time limits on sessions.  Let your child work out their physical limits for themselves and build fitness in the process.

When it comes to putting a cap on the age that kids should use a balance board, once again there’s no need.  Your kids will just start to use their balance boards in different ways as they grow, which is something that should be encouraged rather than deterred.

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