5 Cool Ideas For Kids Teepee Fun !

September 27, 2018

5 Cool Ideas For Kids Teepee Fun !

5 Cool Ideas For Kids Teepee Fun

A Kids Teepee is an exciting and inspiring ‘must have’ item for a child's bedroom or playroom. Hours of fun can be had in a teepee - from a private quiet time space to a great way to gather your friends around for laughter and games. Here are five fabulous play ideas to get the most out of your kids teepee!


1. Book Nook

The kids will love quiet time now! Use your teepee as a fabulous little book nook. Furnish with some large, comfy cushions, a soft throw and a pile of their favourite books. It's also a wonderful opportunity to have some snuggly time with your child and read your favourite books together.


2. Camping Trip

Indoor camping is easy with your kids teepee. Pack a bag, a basket of your favourite foods and a cosy sleeping bag – it’s time to have a sleepover in your teepee! Tell stories, sing songs and play games. If you are modern campers, snuggle down in your sleeping bags with some popcorn and watch a movie on your portable device. You could also use your teepee camping trip to encourage a day time nap, too!


3. Club House

Inspire imaginative play by turning your kids teepee into a shop, clubhouse or even a house for home play. A teepee makes a wonderful classroom when playing ‘school’ - all you need is some paper and pencils, cushions, books, songs sung at school and of course, your favourite soft toys students.


4. Games Room

A wonderful way to pass an afternoon is to use your kids teepees to reignite the fun of puzzles and board games. Set up some delicious, healthy snacks inside your teepee, add a few board games and puzzles and then just add friends!


5. Take a Trip

Use your tee pee to let your imaginative play go wild by going on an adventure! Roll out the map, find an unfamiliar country and set the theme. Research and make some local decorations for your teepee, make a flag, eat some local cuisines and even google a few words to practise. You could have a little Italy or a Parisian cafe in your kids teepee! Kids Teepees are easy to put up, take down and are easy to store. Your child will love and treasure the many hours of play spent in their beloved teepee.


Hip Kids specialise in beautiful, modern toys and furniture for little ones. Check out our wonderful range of Kids Teepees here.

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