8 Benefits of Stacking Toys - Hip Kids

8 Benefits of Stacking Toys - Hip Kids

23 Nov

Benefits of Stacking Toys for Kids

No matter where you are from, you will have seen young children stacking toys on top of each other. Despite seeming a simple game, stackable toys can provide hours of entertainment. At a stage in life where children from age 0 to 3 are learning and developing at breakneck speed, it is important to give them simple play opportunities that provide multiple learning benefits through play that also develop the whole child and are safe and educational. Discover our range of stacking toys for toddlers that help enhance developmental and coordination skills.


What are Stacking Toys?

Stackable toys are any toy that involves placing pieces on top of each other. They are great for allowing children to play independently while they stack blocks, keep busy and develop a wide range of skills at the same time. Examples include wooden stacking toys, ABC blocks and stacking rings.


Child playing with stacking toy


Stacking Toy Benefits

There are many benefits of stacking toys for young children. The simple game has brain-boosting benefits, activating both the left and right sides of the brain. Stacking toy benefits can include cognitive development, enhancement of fine motor skills, and social, emotional and language development. Stacking toys provides a lot of educational value and learning through repetition and a sense of accomplishment for little ones whilst improving their balance, coordination and cognitive skills.


Cognitive Development

When you watch young children stacking blocks, you’ll see them actively problem-solving to decide how they want to stack their blocks so they won’t topple over. They will use trial and error to figure it out, and the game becomes repetitive as they discover new things. An added benefit is that it boosts their creativity through building and stacking blocks or getting rings to fit and stack on a post. Baby stacking blocks are great for developing spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination, too.


Fine Motor Skills

Refining fine motor skills is vital for young children to develop and improve their hand and finger dexterity and strength. This will flow into honing their agility and precision so that they can learn how to grasp and release objects and then move on to balancing objects in a stack. Through repetitive play with stackable toys, they learn to coordinate their hand and finger muscles and manipulate them to where they want them to go.


Sensory Exploration

Playing with stackable toys provides tactile and visual stimulation through exposure to different textures and colours. Children enjoy auditory engagement by stacking their toys and knocking them down. Through sensory experiences, they can learn cause and effect and what happens when their body comes into contact with a stack of blocks in different ways.


Social and Emotional Development

A meaningful way children learn is through playing with friends and learning through observing how others do things. Playing together encourages cooperative play and sharing. It can also foster a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem as they interact with other children. Socially, playing with stackable toys supports emotional expression and communication when they play with other children.


Language Development

Playing with stacking toys provides many opportunities for developing a child’s language. They can expand their vocabulary through the naming of shapes and their colours. Children can learn prepositions and spatial concepts as they play with friends or an adult. Stackable toys also provide opportunities for storytelling and imaginative play.

Safety and Durability

Selecting wooden stacking toys and other stackable toys that are made from non-toxic materials is important so that you can be confident they are kid safe. Wooden blocks with smooth edges also reduce the risk of injury.

When selecting stacking toys for toddlers and babies, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Choose an appropriate size block for the age of your child.
Choose eco-friendly toys made from non-toxic materials, e.g. wooden stacking toys.
Choose blocks made with smooth edges.
Choose blocks that encourage creativity and have a mix of shapes and patterns.

Versatility and Longevity

Stacking toys are versatile and can grow with your child as they enter different developmental stages. They are adaptable and provide opportunities to play with them in different ways as a child gains more language and fine motor skills. By investing in good-quality blocks, you will gain long-lasting and versatile toys that are adaptable and useful in many play scenarios.

Educational Value

Stacking toys provide a lot of early learning value for young children before they enter formal education. Utilising both sides of their brain and developing essential skills, problem solving and concentration, they are perfect toys for preparing for school readiness. They are toys that encourage independent play and can develop important life skills and preparation for formal schooling.


Tips for Choosing and Using Stackable Toys

Whilst understanding that stackable toys offer many benefits, choosing the right one and getting it right can take time and effort. A few things you should consider include:

Age appropriateness: check the recommended age range, as each stacking toy is designed for different developmental stages.
Safety features: check that the stacking toy is made safely for your child's age using non-toxic materials. Ensure there are no small parts or potential choking hazards.
Educational value: remember that this toy is not just entertaining a child, but it should educate as well. Look for stackable toys that incorporate shapes, colours, numbers and the alphabet.

When babies and small toddlers first begin to play with their stackable toys, you may need to gently guide them to show them the ropes before they can play independently. As your children get older, you can model alternative ways to play, including using imagination and problem-solving. Young children are very good at imitating, so modelling activities are an excellent way for them to learn how to use their wooden stacking toys.

Shopping at Hip Kids for your Kid's Favourite Stackable Toys

Hip Hop is an online store founded by parents to provide functional and durable toys. Help enhance your kid's learning and problem-solving skills with wooden stacking toys from our collection. Order one of our stacking toys with prompt Australian delivery available.

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