The Top Five Quality Baby Gifts for 2019

August 14, 2019

September is baby season! Here are our top picks for quality baby gifts this coming season!


September means many things. Spring begins, and the first blossoms bloom as nature recuperates from the cold season. It’s the start of something new – a new season, a new sense of hope and new beginnings.

It also means lots of new babies! September is the most popular birth month, not surprising given the heady excitement of the start of a new year, and that means there will be lots of brand-new bundles of joy to buy baby gifts for. If you are looking for meaningful baby gifts, made from quality materials that will last, you need to put your best foot forward and put some dedicated thought into your selections.

Here are our top picks for quality baby gifts this coming season!

Plush Toys

There are no baby gifts sweeter than the gift of a delightful plush toy. This can act as a nursery decoration while the baby is growing and will then become a favourite toy, treasured forever, once the baby reaches toddlerhood. 

Whether you are looking forbeautifully detailed fairies,super soft ‘flat out’ baby bears, orwonderfully imaginative plush toys you are sure to find baby gifts to suit any nursery and any budget.  


This is a quality baby gift that will come in handy within a couple of months of the new baby being born. Teethers not only help soothe the pain of teeth coming through, they can act as a gorgeous toy to help baby expand their hand-eye coordination as they discover and manipulate new shapes in their environment. 

AJellystone star teether can help ease aching gums while abunny teething ring provides texture that will help distract from pain (as well as complement a variety of outfits and nursery design schemes). 


Toys, toys, toys! There are so many gorgeous items to choose from. Selecting a unique toy will set your baby gift apart from the rest.You can shop our range of beautiful baby toys here. 

Night Lights

Any new parent will appreciate luxurious, high quality lighting solutions that will make their nursery pop. These can make all the difference during late night feedings and will become a soothing staple in any baby bedroom.You can shop our range of gorgeous night lights here. 

Wall Stickers and Decals

Help the new parents decorate their nursery with a selection of delightful wall decal stickers. These will help shape their nursery theme and promote an atmosphere of peaceful calm whilst soothing their new baby to sleep.You can shop our range of wall stickers and decal here. 

Meaningful Baby Gifts from Hip Kids

This September, be ready for baby boom season with the best baby gifts. Our selection of high quality, special, practical and personalised baby gifts will delight new parents and their sweet new additions!

Shopping for quality baby gifts and gorgeous things for kids?Hip Kids has so much on offer!  

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