Balance bikes – the perfect transition to pedal bike

02 Dec

That day is inevitable – your child wants to learn to ride a bike! You are excited and thrilled yet nervous about their progress and what failure might do to their self-esteem. In addition it can be a test of your patience. Fear no longer - the balance bike is the answer.

What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is designed as a transitional bike experience that grows with your child. From the early stages of conquering how to sit and keep their balance with their feet on the ground the balance bike can be adjusted to accommodate your child’s learning competency. At each stage an adjustable seat allows for height and comfort levels. The back wheel is also height adjustable to reassure the nervous child.

From training wheels to going solo

Seeing your child scoot along confidently at this stage may indicate their readiness for training wheels and pedals to be included. The knowledge that a slight wobble won’t see them topple over will encourage your child to persevere with the learning process. The attachment of the pedal crank case is amazingly easy, simple and clean. Praise your child as they take the first tentative steps and stay close to allay your child’s fears if they have any.

Hopefully it won’t be long until those trainer wheels are a thing of the past. This is another easy transition with the trainer wheels able to be removed. Again the adjustable nature of the balance bike means your child can take the long awaited solo flight. Be close by and judge progress. With encouragement and a little time your child should be riding like the big kids.

Reinforce safety from day one All through the process one important factor to reiterate is push bike safety. From the first time your child sits on a balance bike emphasise the safety aspects so they become part of the process. These include direction in concepts such as:

- Wearing a safety helmet

– ensure correct fitting and explain why

- Surveying the terrain ahead to avoid mishaps

- Being courteous to other path users

- Wearing appropriate clothing

- Limits on where they can ride at different stages of development

Your balance bike purchase can make the whole learning to ride a bike adventure safer and more enjoyable for your child – and for you.

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