Beanbags great for kids

Beanbags great for kids

19 May

With the weather cooling down quickly, kids will soon retreat inside more often. Providing a cosy place for them to relax and play is an important consideration. As adults we often have a favourite chair or place we like to sit and read or unwind. Kids do tend to sprawl and lay more than sit when they are relaxing and a great addition to their room or a family room is a beanbag.

The beanbag however needs to be sturdy and robust to be able to withstand the odd leap and tousle. Hip Kids’ Balloon Bean Bag is just the thing. Available in great colours to match any décor the balloon beanbag will quickly become a favourite. Beanbags provide good support for a child’s spine. They may also help relieve tension and lessen the occurrence of headaches caused by poor posture or not being supported correctly. A roomy comfortable beanbag is a great place to escape to.

With between 250-300 litres of beans inside the bags there is ample support for your child as they grow. Enough room to squirm around and get comfy and settle in for a good read or playing games. The bean bag is made with strong canvas material and is double stitched for durability. In addition the beans inside are encased in a separate bag so if the rough and tumble gets too much there is no resulting mess!

Girls will love the pink balloon bean bag and the range is completed by the inclusion of red, black, pale blue and cream. The whole bean bag is very light which means children can move it around if they want to catch the sunshine through a window or move to another room. Another advantage with the beanbag being so lightweight is that when cleaning around it, it is easy to move aside and vacuum and dust then return to its place.

Grab your bean bag today from Hip Kids. Your kids will love it as much as you do.

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