Best Wooden Toys Australia – Shop Here!

Best Wooden Toys Australia – Shop Here!

23 Jan

The Wooden Toys Every Australian Kid Needs

When it comes to wooden toys, Australia is home to some of the most beautiful and durable pieces available. More and more, parents are looking to return to the quality-made wooden toys that innovations in plastic have all but made redundant.

But wooden toys have much more to offer than their nostalgic vintage value. Not only do they offer a more natural sensory experience than their plastic counterparts but, with modern innovation, wooden toys have been developed to assist in all stages of your child’s development.

Choose genuinely beautiful, quality wooden toys made from eco-friendly materials to encourage creativity and imagination in your little ones.

HipKids curved balance board

If you’re looking for a toy that encourages physical activity but is appropriate for both inside and outside use, then this curved balance board is a winner. Learning to balance is a tricky business and requires focus, so it’s an excellent way to engage your child’s brain as well as test their physical strength and agility. Made from super strong Beechwood, the back and forth rocking motion can also be soothing for those kids with challenging behaviours, ADHD or ASD. For toddlers whose gross motor skills are not quite as developed, the curved balance board can be turned upside down and used in cubby play. A simple wooden toy with uses to suit the whole family!

Kiddie Connect wooden clock puzzle

A bright and fun clock that doubles as a puzzle is the perfect gift for the pre-schooler in your life. Not only is it an engaging way to introduce the concept of time to curious little minds, but the multi-coloured blocks also give you an opportunity to teach your child about numbers and shapes. Little hands practise grasping as they pull the blocks out and replace them again, while fine motor skills are tested as the big and little hands are carefully adjusted.

Ever Earth 50pcs building block set with bucket

There’s a reason wooden building blocks never go out of style and that’s because they’re simply the perfect first childhood toy. From the time a baby can sit independently, they can begin playing with blocks. From learning to grasp through to using critical thinking when attempting to build a stable structure, the humble wooden block teaches your child so much! In varying shapes and water-based paint colours, these eco-friendly wooden toys can be easily posted, Australia-wide. What’s more, they’re sourced from renewable forests and come in a handy shape-sorting bucket.

For the best quality wooden toys Australia has to offer, browse our range to find the perfect presents for the little ones in your life.

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