Building the Perfect Kids Room

March 27, 2013

Going inside a little kid’s imaginative mind is one of the ways in creatingkids room. You should know how their mind works about their surroundings. This might be a very challenging first step to do but you should at least try in order to put a smile on kid’s face after he/she see his/her room.

First thing to consider is to have enough space for the bed area and the playing area. Most kids love to roam around their rooms as long as they can. The ceiling must be high enough because kids love to jump on their bed over and over again and we don’t want their heads to be injured. The surroundings must not have any sharp edges as much as possible. If all of these things were already checked, the next step is to decorate the room.

If your child is a boy, the kind of bed that would fit for his room is the one with masculine colors. You can choose between
Urban King Single Chocolate Upholstered Bed, Urban King Single Red Upholstered Bed, Urban Single Black Upholstered Bed and Urban Single Red Upholstered Bed. All of these beds have vibrant masculine colors, easy to assemble and very safe because the edges are smooth. Each one also looks and feels like leather. Choosing one of these beds will make your child safe.

If your child is a girl, the kind of bed that she would surely love is the one with pastel colors. There are many kinds to choose from. These are Urban Single Purple Upholstered Bed, Urban Single White Upholstered Bed, Ella
Single Purple Upholstered Bed, Ella Single White Upholstered Bed, Urban King Single Purple Upholstered Bed and Urban King Single White Upholstered Bed. These beds have no sharp edges which is very safe for your child, all looks and feels like leather and the head boards are tall enough to let your child think that she looks like a princess.
After choosing the right bed, you are now going to decorate the room with kids furniture.

Your kid is still in the development stage. You should put tables with matching chairs so your child can do some writing, drawing or crafting. If you want the upholstered chairs, you can choose between Chocolate Kids Table & Amy Chocolate Chairs, Chocolate Kids Table & Amy Cream Chairs, White Kids Table & Amy Pink Chairs and White Kids Table & Amy Red Chairs. These sets contains one kids table and 4 kids chairs. You can also add
kids sofas and bean bags
for your child to just sit and relax. Few of them are Pink Retro Kids Double Sofa Chair, Blue Mini Mustang Kids Sofa, Black Kids Balloon Bean Bag, Red Kids Hudson Double Sofa and Kids Red Club Sofa Chair.

Now the rest will be up to you to add. Just make sure the additional furnitures will be safe for the kids. 

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