Decor Series Part 2: How to Create a Timeless Look For a Boy's Bedroom

Decor Series Part 2: How to Create a Timeless Look For a Boy's Bedroom

08 Mar

Creating a timeless look for a boys bedroom involves balancing classic, durable furnishings with creative and engaging accessories. Here’s our guide for decorating a boys bedroom that will last their childhood. 

Start with neutral paints and tones

A child’s room is that special place where imagination takes hold. We all want the best for our kids and, as your child grows, they’ll discover what they like as an individual. No doubt you’ll also have suggestions and in the end there will likely be compromises. A neutral undertone allows the room to be decorated and redecorated with a minimum of fuss - it’s the reason we paint on blank canvases and write on plain paper. Greys generally look good in rooms for boys, but a lighter beige will also work.

If the room itself becomes a study or another child’s room (or even a guest room) grey, beige or lighter toned walls will remain classic.

Versatile furniture

When it comes to furnishing a boy's bedroom, parents need furniture with three qualities:

  • Furniture needs to be durable to suit the energetic lifestyles of children.
  • Furniture should be flexible enough to grow with your child or be repurposed around the home.
  • Kids are smaller than adults and should be able to use the furniture safely and comfortably.

Collaborating on room design

Your best laid plans can't account for how your son will grow and change over the years. Think back to when you were a child - your interests and hobbies probably changed a lot between the age of 4 and when you were well into your teens. How do you design and decorate a bedroom that's suitable for a boy who will eventually grow up into a young man?

The truth is you can't account for everything. You might have some ideas, but we all have our independent streaks, and your child is eventually going to want some say in how his room is laid out.

Toys becomes skateboard and bicycles, night lights become reading lamps, posters of bands replace mobiles. That's why collaborating with your child, and giving them the space to make choices in their bedroom layout, is ultimately going to make everyone's life easier.

Sports equipment doesn't have to be crammed away in closets. At HipKids we offer a number of bicycles and pedal cars that look just as good as pieces of furniture as they do rolling around the driveway, Toys and sports equipment can be stored in multipurpose storage units or displayed on shelving and bookcases, instilling a sense of pride in your child’s hobbies and interests.

Durable furnishings that last

The Brady 1 seater bean bag is structured like an armchair, made from durable material, comes with bottle holder and side pocket and is lightweight enough for children to move around with the handle.

Geometric prints on rugs and more

If your child's bedroom has wood, tiled or laminate floors, then a rug is a must for creating a soft section of space that's fun for kids to play on. Geometric patterns are generally better than rugs that have a specific theme or interest (like a racing car rug) as they are more versatile and remain relevant for longer. They are also easier to match with curtains, wall hangings and fixtures.

If the room is carpeted, geometric patterns also suit curtains and bedspreads, especially on beds that are timeless in colour and design. Just remember patterns are accents. Too much geometry might make the room appear a little square.

Double down on space savers

Play mats that double as storage bags are great space savers for a boys bedroom, making it easy to keep things clean and tidy. The Bronte Pull Out Play Table features a storage unit with a slide out bottom drawer that doubles the number of toys your boy can keep in storage. Both surfaces can be used as play areas as well.

Fun with figurines

What are boys into? Space, sports, planes, cars, wild animals and everything adventure. Foster their hobbies by creatively scattering models and carvings around the room. Discovering individual collectables and toys can be a bonding experience and creates a bedroom that’s more than just a place to sleep, it’s a picture book of your son’s life and development.

A boy’s room is his world

A timeless bedroom doesn’t have to be old fashioned. With clever storage, neutral colours and toys and furniture reflecting your child’s personality, you’ll be able to create a timeless bedroom for your growing boy.

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