Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom Space

Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom Space

15 Nov

When it comes to finding a comfortable, sturdy kids’ bed, you’ll be looking for great value, quality materials and a stylish finish, right? But your kids are looking for something entirely different. They may want their favourite colour, something based on a film character, a bunk bed, a loft bed or something you’ve never even heard of before! It’s tempting to buy on a whim to keep them happy, but you may end up regretting the decision.  Here’s why!

1. The race car bed

Race car beds are hugely popular, especially for active little boys. They’re cool and fun, and certainly stand out from the crowd! The trouble is they also dominate the room’s décor. So, if your child gets ‘over’ his race car phase, you may find him disliking the bed as much as he loved it at first. The strange sizes and shapes of a race car bed, as well as hard wooden edges, can also result in bumps and bruises.

2. The cheap and nasty bed

Raising kids is expensive, and it makes complete sense to save a dollar or two when you can. But when it comes to buying a kids’ bed, you really do get what you pay for. You may pay a little more for quality, but you’ll be investing in a bed that’s safe, secure and lasts for many years to come.

When checking the quality of the bed, ensure there are no small items that may come loose (like screws or decorative features) and that there are no sharp edges or corners. Take a look at the slats and how they are secured – could they become dislodged when there is movement on the mattress? Kids’ beds should all be manufactured to the latest Australian safety standards, too, which should be outlined on labels. If in doubt, ask your retailer!

3. Fads and trends

Everyone loves to put a little personality into their décor, so you might be considering a bed for your child that’s unique – or one that’s right on trend. But trends come and go very quickly. If your bed trend is on the way out, it not only impacts the look of your décor, but impacts the resale value of any items you might like to pass on. Opt for a kids’ bed that is simple yet classic – white wooden beds, for example, can be matched to any linen or room theme and never go out of fashion.  

4. The toddler bed

At about two years old it’s usually time to move your child from a cot to a bed. At this time, some parents opt for a toddler bed. Toddler beds can be handy if you only have a small nursery, but you’re likely to need to upgrade to a single bed after a year or so. You may be better off putting that money into a great quality mattress.

If you’re concerned that your child is too small for a normal sized bed, opt for a removable side rail and/or consider a kids double bed, so there’s less likelihood of them falling out of the bed when they roll.

5. All style no substance

Don’t go ‘all in’ on the kids’ bed and forget about the mattress; the mattress is probably the most critical part of your kids’ bed purchase.  If you think about how many hours children sleep every day, having a mattress that supports their spine and healthy development is essential. 

And if you think your primary schooler is beyond wetting the bed, think again! Accidents happen, and there’s nothing worse than a stain on a brand new mattress you paid a lot of money for. Don’t forget the mattress protector when you buy your mattress and make it last!

You may also like to invest in guardrails if your child is transitioning from a cot to a bed, and linen that keeps them cosy in winter and cool in summer. There’s no point having the latest trendy bed style if it’s not practical and comfortable too.

Choosing a kids’ bed should be a fun experience, but it’s important to ensure it’s also safe, sturdy and will ensure a great night’s sleep!

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