Dolls Houses – make the most of Playing House

Dolls Houses – make the most of Playing House

21 Jul

There is something special about a dolls’ house. For generations dolls’ houses have enchanted children from all walks of life. The miniature world played out in a doll house, can be mesmerising to children of both genders, who enjoy the role play and imaginative stories available to them to mimic in their own little world. The beauty of a doll house is that it can be something as simple as a cardboard box with a few toy people or fixtures, or something very elaborate, complete with different levels, rooms and a myriad of furniture pieces. You don’t have to have all the bells and whistles and children will still develop social and emotional skills through their play in any dolls house.

Discover the Hip Kids' range of Dolls Houses

Hip Kids has a fabulous dolls’ house called “Remi”. This gorgeous two level, plus attic space, dolls’ house comes with a picturesque slate look roof as well as plenty of windows and a front door. Included with the house are 30 pieces of furniture and a ‘family’ of four wooden dolls. With inclusions for:

  • the bathroom
  • bedrooms
  • kitchen
  • living areas

Your child can quickly set up house and then add personal touches to their dolls’ house to personalise their play experience.

Exceptional Build Quality

The Remi is constructed of sturdy MDF and finished with non-toxic, lead free paint. Assembly is easy and it can be packed away when not in use if need be. The doll’s house can be set on the floor or placed on a sturdy table for stand up play and accessed from the back for inside play, or outdoors play from the other sides. If space is an issue you might like to consider the smaller Tiger Tribe box set dolls house. This smaller version is more portable and can fold away to a carry case for easy storage or transport. Explore the Hip Kids’ doll house range today.

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