HipKids and the Starlight Foundation

HipKids and the Starlight Foundation

30 Apr

The Starlight Children’s Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

HipKids was born from the need to provide children with unique, functional toys to inspire imagination; aiming to provide every child with the building blocks they need to thrive and flourish while igniting a sense of wonder and play.

Both The Starlight Foundation and HipKids believe in the important role that laughter and play has in transforming the lives of sick children. And the partnership between The Starlight Foundation and HipKids allows both to observe and promote their mutual core mission, enriching the lives of children.

The Starlight Foundation

The Starlight Children’s Foundation core mission is “To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families”. To achieve this, the Foundation provides in-hospital and home visit programs to spark joy back into the lives of children who are undergoing or recovering from chronic illness and painful medical treatment.

Since 1988, The Starlight Foundation has partnered with health professionals and institutions to develop programs based on positive psychology principles and the intention to fight fear with fun. And thanks to the Foundation, thousands of young Australians are able to find some reprieve from pain and trauma that has disrupted their lives and prevents them from being able to enjoy their childhood.

How HipKids is supporting the work of The Starlight Foundation

The Starlight Foundation acknowledges its partnership with HipKids as mutually beneficial, with both teams sharing the same goal & focusing on the continued enrichment and support of seriously ill children.

As one of the leading and most trusted charities in Australia, The Starlight Foundation customises its programs dependant on the child’s needs, with many of their programs and experiences focusing on the idea of fun and play.

The Starlight Foundation believes that play is the powerful force essential to developing resilience, wellbeing, and a sense of normality to children caught in a world of stress and trauma. And as a recognised retailer of premium children’s toys, HipKids are able to provide The Starlight Foundation with toys, furniture, and cubby houses to support these programs, and to provide sick children with joy and laughter.

HipKids also agrees to support The Starlight Foundation’s national Wishgranting Program to deliver “once in a lifetime wishes” for seriously ill children and their families in 2019. HipKids will be assisting The Starlight Foundation by granting the wishes of two seriously ill children and their families this year. In addition, we will be donating a number children’s toy products to other ill children supported by the foundation. This will give children in need the chance to come into the store and select up to $400 worth of quality toys during their visit.

Why this partnership is so important to HipKids

HipKids has partnered with The Starlight Foundation to help support seriously ill children and their families. As parents themselves, HipKids founders David and Sue are committed to both helping children, and to giving back to their local community.

HipKids can also continue to provide meaningful engagement between its customers and employees, while increasing loyalty, participation, and engagement between their customers and the wonderful cause that The Starlight Foundation brings to life.

HipKids are proud to partner with The Starlight Foundation, and will continue to strive in 2019 to enriching the lives of young children across Australia.

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