How Activity Craft Tables Promote Real, Active Learning for Young Minds

February 11, 2019

How Activity Craft Tables Promote Real, Active Learning for Young Minds

How Activity Craft Tables Promote Real, Active Learning for Young Minds

Activity craft tables do far more than just take up a pretty corner of the nursery or toy room. They’re an opportunity for your child, and you, to engage in the kind of rich, real and relevant learning that will help foster an engaging and exciting approach to education. Trial and error, experimentation, cause and effect, resilience and the willingness to try and try again – these are all real life skills that are enhanced by these cleverly designed and beautifully crafted pieces.


What’s so good about creative play?

Creative play plays a central role in the learning and development of children under schooling age. The encouraging of this excellent brain work in home-based activities means that they’re constantly being extended and challenged – and having fun while doing it! Simple materials, found materials, specific arts and crafts material – if they’ve got a safe, comfortable space to work on, then the sky’s the limit!

As your child gets older, they’ll begin to bring their own individual creations and ideas into the play, allowing their personality, tastes, interests and skills to develop.

Promoting real life and educational skills

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)can find its beginnings in early childhood play. Additionally, a love of drama, art, music and creative works can be enhanced by play that encourages thinking and doing, rather than passive play.


Choosing the right activity craft table

You can choose a craft table to suit your play room décor or the developmental stage of your child. A large space with multiple chairs offers the chance for shared or side-by-side play, depending on the ages of the children involved. It’s a great opportunity to spread work out and really get involved with some excellent early childhood learning.

Activity craft tables with storage options offer the opportunity to both encourage learning and maintain a sense of order and organisation – an appealing scenario for many parents!


Making the right choices for kids bedroom décor

The savvy parent who appreciates both style and function will ensure that the choices they make for bedroom and playroom furniture are ones that serve a purpose. Activity craft tables are an excellent way to move kids away from screens and towards hands-on learning. Imaginative and creative play are key school-readiness skills that you can work on from a young age if you have the right materials. Let’s get creative!


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