How Cubby Houses Encourage Outdoor Play For Kids

How Cubby Houses Encourage Outdoor Play For Kids

27 Aug

How Cubby Houses Encourage Outdoor Play For Kids

Kids love cubby houses in Australia! Is it any wonder why the humble cubby is fast becoming the most wanted outdoor play equipment in Aussie yards?

Why kids love cubby houses

You really can’t go wrong adding a cubby house to your yard. There are a multitude of reasons why your children will love playing in a cubby. Here are just a few reasons why cubby houses in Australia are a great addition to any family’s yard: 

Cubbies encourage outdoor play

Let’s face it, anything that gets the kids off the screens and immersed in nature is a good thing! Obviously, there’s a time and a place for technology, but there’s a lot more to be gained by playing outside. Being that cubbies are undercover too, this means a little rain won’t necessarily dampen your child’s outdoor pursuits either! 


Cubbies encourage imaginative play

Cubby houses in Australia offer endless play ideas for curious young minds. Kids can play shop through the windows of a cubby, play Mums and Dads with little babies (dolls) or even pretend to play chef with playdoh food. There’s really no end to where your child’s imagination can take them when playing in their cubby house. 


Cubbies encourage independence

Cubby houses offer safe play spaces for little kids and this in turn encourages independence. Your children can turn their little cubbies into a haven of fun, filled with their favourite soft toys, books, blankets and small toys. It’s a little home away from home and all in the comfort of their own yard.


What type of cubby house is best for your yard?

You can buy all types of cubby houses in Australia, from teeny-tiny houses to beautiful wooden cubbies. It largely depends on your yard space and budget as to what type of cubby house would be best. Consider these options available at HipKids. • ALICE Tudor Style Cubby House – called “ALICE” because this enchanting wooden cubby house looks like it belongs in a fairy tale or story book! • PIPER Cubby House – The PIPER is made from Canadian hardwood timber with a large side activity window making this the perfect cubby for play shops. • EMERSON Cubby House – The elevated top level of the EMERSON wooden cubby house comes complete with a slide and climbing wall. The bottom level is a sandpit, adding even more fun to your child’s outdoor play time.


Safe wooden cubby houses, Australia

Safety comes first at HipKids. We guarantee that our cubby houses meet Australian Safety standards, and we only buy from reputable manufacturers. HipKids is a family run business; we take pride in researching and curating a range of stylish, inspirational toys. Read our story here.

Looking for quality-made cubby houses? Australia offers some of the best! To browse our range and for more outdoor play ideas, visit HIPKids today.

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