How to Make a Kid’s Bed Tent

How to Make a Kid’s Bed Tent

25 Jul

Pssst. Want to know the secret to keeping children in their own beds (or at least in their rooms)? Give them a bed tent! 

A bed tent is your child’s very own private fort. A space of comfort and security, a bed tent resonates with children of all ages. They’re especially great at preventing inevitable sibling fights and distractions if your kids share a room too.

If you’re a creative problem solver and you have a child who doesn’t like going to bed or staying in their bed, a bed tent could be for you. These secret hideaways can help keep your child feeling happy and protected in their room, without always joining you in your bed!

Here are a few kids bed tent options to consider:

Our Perfectly Pink Hope and Jade Canopy

Every girl’s dream is to have a beautiful princess bed, and with the HipKids Hope and Jade Canopy they can!

The Hope & Jade pink canopy comes with draw-back ties, and attaches easily to the ceiling. It also comes with a small ribbon loop in the centre to hang your favourite decorations.

Demure Grey or White Hope and Jade Canopy

To increase the versatility and usabiity of a kids canopy, you could opt for our Hope and Jade Canopy to be in light grey or white.

This would ensure that future children in the family would be comfortable with the colour regardless of their usual colour preference. Not everyone likes pink!

Versatile Bed Canopies

The versatile bed canopies offered by HipKids are the perfect kids bed tent to encourage more positive associations with the bedroom.

In particular, our JaBaDaBaDo Bed Canopies will transform the kids room to a magical place and make the sleeping area so cosy that even children will long to go to bed! The canopy can also be hung in another area of the room (and not just over the bed) to make an exciting play area. 

Opt for ready-made canopies, teepees and tents

DIY bed tents might be an option you’re considering, however this can be a lot of work, and if it doesn’t turn out as you had hoped then you will have spent time and money on an unsuccessful piece of work. 

So if you’re a parent or carer who wants the fun of a tent without the hassle of making one, check out the range of canopies, kids bed tents and kids teepees at HipKids. 

Interested in finding out more about our kids bed tents? Visit our showroom at: 50 Whitehorse Rd, Deepdene, Melbourne, Victoria 3103, or alternatively you can visit our online store here.

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