How to Set Up a Kid’s Desk

How to Set Up a Kid’s Desk

30 Jun

Whether your child is into arts and crafts, drawing, cutting and sticking, coding, solving maths problems, writing stories or they have homework to complete, there’s a need for a child-friendly desk or table and chairs. Having a conducive space for learning that’s comfortable and has the features they want can encourage creativity and good study habits.

Designing a fun and functional workspace for kids gives them their own space to concentrate on learning and creating.

Age and activity are the most important factors to consider when choosing a desk. However other factors to think about include:

  • Does it have a finish that’s easy to clean?
  • Is it a style and size that will be comfortable for my child to use now?
  • Will it grow with my child?

The right time for introducing a desk to your child’s room will depend on when you think a desk is needed for the activities your child engages in. It might be when they play with toys and colouring books, when they take part in arts and crafts, when they’re learning to write their name, etc. Basically it’s never too early to start looking at children’s desk designs.

Choosing a desk that fits

When introducing your child to a desk of their own for the first time, size and comfort is key. Children concentrate best when they are comfortable and, while you might be concerned about them outgrowing a desk, getting them one that’s too big will largely determine how much your child enjoys being at their desk. It’s better to concentrate on growing a love for creativity and learning and to adjust later on, than it is to go too big too soon.

Generally speaking, a good guide to follow is:


Average Height Range

Chair Height

Table Height

2-3 years

85cm - 105cm



3-6 years

100cm - 125cm



5-8 years

120cm - 130cm



9-12 years

148cm -159cm



Preschoolers may get the most use from an activity table where they can both sit and stand to create their masterpieces. Primary school students will benefit more from a chair that lets them sit with feet flat on the floor, and a desk with drawers that will help them keep clutter to a minimum. To be comfortable and to foster good posture, school students need to have a desk that’s smaller than an adult size desk. The top of the desk should be about 8 inches above the chair seat.

These chair and table height guidelines can help you determine the best fit for your child.

Measuring the space

A larger work surface makes it easier for your child to spread out their work and create, but space isn’t always possible. When deciding where to put your child’s desk, take into account the need for your child to move their chair, share their desk with friends, and whether or not there is natural light available. If there’s limited natural light you might need to consider placement near an electrical outlet for lamps, computers etc, and what will that look like?

If space is limited, consider multipurpose furniture like our Playhouse Table and 2 Chair Set. This is great for encouraging both creative expression and imaginary play, and it has many uses – it’s a playhouse, easel, and art table rolled into one.

If space is really limited, you might also consider a wall-mounted desk, which takes up no valuable floor space. Another good option is to make use of the space under your child’s desk with Felix Storage Bins.

Practical, functional and personalised

Desks needs to be practical, but they can be both fun as well as functional. Look for sturdy construction and good quality materials, and drawers that won’t stick. Shelves shouldn’t be wobbly, and surfaces should be non-toxic and easy to clean.

Remember too that a desk is a personalised space, and that letting your child help personalise it will give them a sense of ownership. Our RUBEN Activity Play Table lets you add your child’s name to the design, or you can try adding a photo wall to your desk setup, wooden bead garlands, your kids favourite quotes, flag bunting, or wicker wall baskets for all their favourite trinkets and pencils.

Why not add a Kids Parker Desk Chair if your child is over five years old? These modern desk chairs offer a great colour selection and adjustable seat heights that takes your chair from suitable for a five year old right through to the teenage years. The cushioned desk chair is super comfortable and equipped with smooth-rolling castor wheels, and a Kids Parker Desk Chair offers that all important fun element. Who doesn’t love spinning and twisting on their desk chair?

Ready to start shopping for your kid’s new desk and chair? Check out the full range of kids tables and chair sets and computer desks at HipKids and find a desk that’s right for your child – no matter their age or the activity.

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