Kids Table and Chairs Sets & Computer Desks

Reversible chalkboard top & ample storage $249.95

Contemporary design & solid wood construction $179.95
Pack includes 2 x benji kids chairs $79.95

Goes with our clio, boston and benji chairs $79.95

All in one playhouse, easel & art table $249.95

Creates relaxing shade from harmful uvs $49.95

Ample storage under reversible chalkboard top $199.95

Super sturdy & made from solid birchwood $89.95

Kids Table and Chair Sets & Computer Desks

At HipKids, we have a huge selection of children’s table and chair sets especially built with the needs of little people in mind.

Adult furniture isn’t designed for children and can cause poor posture later in life, so our furniture is made to be fun as well as supportive for growing bodies.

And while small in size, it’s certainly not lacking in design. Each piece is simple and durable and would make a stylish addition to any kitchen, rumpus room, bedroom or nursery.

Why are HipKids kids table and chairs the best?

Our range has been tested to meet the demands of your child’s daily life, making it perfect for meal time, play time and craft activities. And what sets it apart are the features and benefits included;

  • A variety of gorgeous colours
  • Integrated storage
  • The option to purchase as a set or individually
  • A model to suit all ages
  • Pre-assembled or easy assembly at home.

Benefits of child-sized furniture

As well as being great fun, child-sized furniture has been shown to have a number of developmental benefits;

Fosters independence

If things are a child’s own size, they are less likely to ask for help when figuring out how to use them. Child-sized furniture provides more opportunities for them to explore their environment, because things are all within their reach.

Builds confidence

If a toddler can easily move and manipulate the things around them, without requiring adult assistance, this helps give them more confidence in dealing with their environment.

Encourages creativity

Having their very own space with furniture designed just for them can make cognitive learning activities such as arts and crafts a lot more fun.

Improves concentration

A purpose-built kids desk for an older child can help to improve their concentration and make homework less of a chore.  

Brings you down to their level

When an adult comes down to a child’s level to communicate with them (i.e. a tea party at the child’s table and chairs), this shows kids they matter and are loved.

Teaches them to care for their things

If a child likes and appreciates their child-sized furniture, they are more likely to take care of it, which provides a valuable early lesson in taking responsibility for their belongings.

Keeps them safe

Toddlers risk bumping their heads on tables and falling from chairs that are too big for them. Furniture that’s appropriate to a child’s developmental age and capabilities is safest and more comfortable for them to use.

Kids table and chair sets; a buying guide

To make sure you get exactly the right children’s furniture for your home and your lifestyle, let’s look at some of the factors to consider before making a purchase;


For a chair to be the perfect fit, your child’s knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle with their feet flat on the floor. This is more comfortable and more accessible than a chair that is too tall or too low. It can also help your child develop good posture from an early age.


Decide in advance where you want to put the table and chairs. For example, if the table is to be the focal point of a room, you can afford to get a large round table, while if it needs to be pushed up against a wall or tucked away in a corner, you'll be better off with a square or rectangular table.


Envisage the space you're planning on setting up. What is your child doing there? Knowing what you want your table and chairs for will help you narrow down the options. Younger kids may benefit more from a table that allows for messy activities and social interaction, while older kids may need a traditional desk for one person so they can focus on their homework.


You may want to move your kids table and chairs outdoors in the summer months and if so, you’ll need to choose furniture that’s resistant to weather. Look for furniture made from durable materials such as metal, plastic or treated wood. UV resistance to prevent fading would also be a good feature to look for.

Ready to buy your kids their own table and chairs?

At HipKids, we specialise in functional, well designed products. We’re parents ourselves, so we know the kind of punishment kids can dish out to their toys, so we make sure all of our products are built to meet the demands of the average family.

If you live in Victoria, you can drop into our Inner East Melbourne showroom to explore our range, or you can shop online and have your order delivered direct to your door anywhere in Australia.

So check out our great selection of kids tables and kids chairs instore or online at HipKids, the store with more for Aussie kids and their families.


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