Kids Table and Chairs Sets & Computer Desks

Reversible chalkboard top & ample storage $249.95

Contemporary design & solid wood construction $179.95
Contemporary & simplistic design $139.95

Contemporary & simplistic design $189.95
Multi use & can be configured in many way $229.95

Table & chair height can be adjusted $199.95 $139.95

Modern design & adjustable seat height $69.95 $44.95

Super popular cafe style chairs $199.95
All in one playhouse, easel & art table $249.95

Stylish chair design & large table $439.95

Kids Table and Chairs Sets & Computer Desks

At HipKids, we have a huge selection of children’s table and chair sets especially built with the needs of little people in mind.

Adult furniture is not designed for children and can cause poor posture later in life, so our furniture is designed to be fun as well as supportive for growing bodies. And while our furniture is small in size, it’s certainly not lacking in design. Each piece is simple and durable, and would make a stylish addition to any kitchen, rumpus room, bedroom or nursery.

Your kids will love the comfort and confidence they get from using furniture designed just for them, inspiring them to have fun and be creative every day. And our range has been tested to meet the demands of your child’s daily life, making it perfect for meal time, play time and craft activities.

Our range of kids tables and table & chair sets incorporate a range of clever features and benefits including:

  • A variety of gorgeous coloursIntegrated storage. The option to purchase as a set or individuallyA model to suit all agesPre-assembled or easy assembly at home.

How to Buy Kid Table and Chairs: A Complete Guide

Setting up a designated area for your kids to play, craft, and learn can help them develop important skills and form better homework habits! Plus, it can help cut down on some of the clutter lying around the house.

Studies have shown that encouraging young children to create art can foster physical, social and cognitive skills, especially if they're working in a group. Learning experts suggest that creating a homework space can help kids to focus on their assignments, and can be particularly beneficial to kids with attention problems.

What better way to tackle both of those problems than finding a great kid table and chairs set?

We're going to talk about some of the kid table and chairs sets that are available on the market and how to pick the best one for your home!

Kid Table and Chairs Buyer's Guide: What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Before we get into our personal recommendations, we'd like to cover some of the things you'll want to think about before you start looking. It's important to consider the space you have available and your kid's specific needs!


If you have growing toddlers, it might be tempting to buy a taller table and chairs so that you won't have to replace the set any time soon. However, you don't want to get something so big that they can't use it at all for a couple of years!

For a chair to be the perfect fit, your kid's knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle with their feet flat on the floor. This is more comfortable and more accessible than a chair that is too tall or too low. It can also help your kid develop good posture from an early age!

If you don't want to have to replace the entire set within a year or so, consider buying your kids table and chairs separately. That way, you can purchase a taller table that is still usable even when the chairs are too small. Or, look for table and chair sets that are adjustable!


Decide in advance where you want to put the kid table and chairs. That way you know how much space you're working with and what size and shape the table ought to be.

For example, if the table is going to be the focal point of a certain room, you can afford to get a larger table and a round shape won't be a hindrance. If you know the table needs to be pushed up against one wall or tucked away in a corner, you'll be better off with a square or rectangular table. 

If one or two sides are going to be blocked off by walls, think about seating. If you plan to squeeze four chairs around two sides of a table, you'll probably want something longer so there's still plenty of elbow room. 

Finally, optimize the space you have with storage. If you don't have room to spare for supply bins and cubbies, consider finding a kids table with storage built in! 


Envision the space you're planning on setting up for your kid. What are they doing there? Knowing what you want your kid table and chairs for will help you to narrow down the options.

Age will likely play into this decision. Younger kids may benefit more from a space that allows for messy activities and social interaction. Older kids may need a traditional desk designed for one person so that they can focus on their homework.

You may even decide that your ideal table belongs outdoors. In that case, you will need to find something made for the outdoors. They will usually be made of some kind of metal, durable plastic, or treated wood. 

Even if you plan on bringing the table and chairs back and forth between indoors and outdoors, it will still be a good idea to get a set designed for outdoor use. That way, you don't have to worry about damage caused by the elements or a sudden change in the weather!

Our Favourite Kid Wooden Table and Chairs Sets

Now that you have an idea of what you're looking for in mind, we're going to show you some of the table and chairs sets that we love! 

Jensen Table & 4 Chairs Set - For Toddlers and Kids with Room to Play

The Jensen Table & 4 Chair Set is perfect for parents with toddlers or younger kids that like to play and create in groups. This table is designed so that each of the 4 chairs fits perfectly on its own side. That means that the table should be placed away from the walls, rather than against one or two walls. 

From floor to seat, the chairs measure 31 cms and are best for kids aged 2-6. The tabletop measures 80 cms by 60 cms and the table is 50 cms tall. 

The table and chair legs are sealed with non-toxic lacquer. The table and chair tops are finished with non-toxic white paint. This set is lightweight and portable, plus it's a breeze to clean!

Jensen Table & 2 Chairs Set - For Toddlers and Kids with Limited Space

The Jensen Table & 2 Chairs Set has the same design and dimensions as the 4 Chair Set listed above, but comes with, you guessed it, 2 chairs instead of 4!

This set may be a better option for parents with limited space, as the table can be placed in a corner without sacrificing any chair space!

Benji Activity Table & 2 Chairs Set - For Toddlers and Kids Who Need Extra Storage

The Benji Activity Table & 2 Chairs Set is the perfect toddler table and chairs set / craft table as it has an innovative design that offers more function and more ways to play! Beneath the tabletop is a storage compartment for toys and craft supplies. Plus, the tabletop is reversible, giving your kids the option between a smooth white surface and a functional chalkboard!

From floor to seat, the chair measures 29 cms and is best for kids aged 2-6. The tabletop measures 90 cms by 60 cms and the table is 52 cms high.

With two kids chairs, this table will work wonderfully as a centerpiece or tucked away in a corner! The storage is accessible from the top, so there's no worry about blocking it off. 

Nordic Kids Table & 2 Chair Set - For Bigger Kids Who Love to Create

The Nordic Kids Table & 2 Chair Set is perfect for any family with kids aged 2-8 who want their table and chairs to grow with them! It is on the larger side, but with 2 chairs, it can certainly be set up in a corner!

This set comes with two sets of legs that can be screwed into the table and chairs with no tools required! The shorter chair legs measure 30 cms and the shorter table legs measure 50 cms. The longer chair legs measure 36 cms and the longer table legs measure 56 cms.

The tabletop is 90 cms by 60 cms, creating a surface big enough for even the most detailed crafts!

Soho Study Desk and Chair Set - For the Studious Kids

The Soho Study Desk and Chair Set is designed for solitary study, decked out with a pull-out drawer and 2 movable storage compartments for pens and notepads! Choose from four colors to suit your young scholar's taste.

The chair is cushioned and adjustable, ranging from 48 cms to 64 cms from floor to seat. The desktop measures 96 cms by 60 cms and the desk is 65.5 cms tall. This set is perfect for kids age 8 and up!

Kids Sand Water/Picnic Table with Umbrella - For the Kids Who Love to Be Outdoors

The Kids Sand Water/Picnic Table is perfect for kids of all ages who love to spend time outside! Have a picnic on the solid tabletop or remove the top for some fun in the sandbox and water container underneath! Both of the containers are removable for easy cleaning. 

The table and built-in benches measure 95 cms in width, 97 cms in length, and 49 cms in height. The umbrella in the center of the table is 173 cms in height with a diameter of 130 cms. Your kids will have it made in the shade with this outdoor table!

Foster Fun and Learning with Kid Table and Chairs Sets

It can be hard to take time out of your busy schedule to make space for cognitive learning activities like arts and crafts. It can also be hard to convince your older kids to get their homework done on time.

Creating spaces for these types of activities can make it more exciting for them to learn and play while making it easier for you to relax! Plus, giving them their own area to create and learn will help you to cut down on the mess around the house and teach them how to be responsible for their supplies!

Why HipKids is the kids store with more

At HipKids we provide toys, furniture and decor of the highest quality, sourced from manufacturers around the globe. Our products are not only designed to meet your expectations, but also Australian Safety Standards as well, and we include a 1 Year Structural Warranty with every item we stock for your complete peace of mind.

Established in 2006, HipKids has been providing Australian families with our unique range for more than a decade now and we have built a strong reputation for great customer service, realistic prices and high quality in everything we sell.

Our hand-selected range has been curated to meet our strict criteria of quality, dependability and sheer enjoyability and each item comes with our famous HipKids promise. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply).

Every purchase you make from us also comes with a built-in donation, because we give a dollar from every sale to a life-changing project for kids as part of our I=change initiative. So you’re not just giving your kids what they want, but helping less fortunate kids as well.

It’s part of our goal as a business to provide a fun and positive shopping experience for everyone and we’re confident you won’t find a store like ours anywhere else in Australia.

Explore our exciting range instore or online

HipKids is an Australian family business and as parents ourselves, we know how tough kids can be on their toys. So we we only stock toys and furniture that’s built to withstand the demands of the average family.

So if you’re in Melbourne, come in and see us at our Inner East Melbourne showroom. We’re open from 9.30am to 3pm weekdays and 9.30am to 1pm Saturdays.

Or if you’d rather shop online, you can use our secure payment facility and have your order delivered right to your door anywhere in Australia. We always attempt to despatch orders within 24 hours of receipt and clearance or payment.

And we recommend you also sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest news, promotions and offers from HipKids. Just fill in your details to become a member of the HipKids VIP Club and we’ll give you a free gift with your first purchase of $150 or more. Shopping doesn’t get any easier than that, so check out our great range instore or online today!

Do you have any questions about our kid table and chairs sets? Have you already made your purchase and wondering about the delivery time? Are you dying to let us know how much your kids love their new table and chairs set? 

Contact us today! We can't wait to hear from you! 



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