Instilling Habits in Your Children That Last for Life

03 Oct

As an adult, you likely know that bad habits are hard to break. Equally, developing good habits takes perseverance and persistence. When it comes to your children, it’s important to encourage them to adopt good habits from an early age. Children learn very quickly when they are young, so starting them off early with good habits can help them in many areas of their life, from their health to their finances, as they journey to adulthood. Here are some good habits to encourage in your children:

  • Eating healthily – this is sometimes hard as little ones often dislike certain foods, but persevere and reinforce the message that variety and vegetables are good!
  • Physical exercise – this is quite a natural thing when children are young, but if you balance competitive sport with fun activities as they get older, you can instil a lifetime enjoyment of all forms of physical exercise.
  • Cleanliness – foster habits of cleanliness and tidiness when it comes to your children’s appearance, their rooms, and the home as soon as they are old enough. There will be times when their commitment will waver, but encourage and praise their efforts, and these good habits will make picking up after themselves and cleaning second nature when they reach adulthood.
  • Saving – early lessons which result in an appreciation of saving and not spending what they don’t have will be invaluable if followed through over a lifetime. Also highlight that giving to those less fortunate can be very rewarding.
  • Politeness – a lifetime habit of being polite, kind and courteous is a valuable asset personally, and in the workplace.

Remember that you need to lead by example. Be aware of the things you do and say around your children, as they form habits based on their environment. Be consistent, and encouraging, and you will soon have your children learning good habits that will help set them up for life.

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