Kids Bedroom Furniture Mums Adore Too

January 16, 2018

Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Mums Adore Too

Kids’ bedrooms have come a long way from being simple spaces with a bed, cupboard and desk. These days, your child’s room will need to foster concentration, creativity and relaxation, so a lot of thought should go into your styling!  

While a kids’ bedroom is specifically designed for the child who will sleep and play in it, mums take pride in the room they provide for their children. That’s why they often take time to choose the best kids’ bedroom furniture, with both practical dimensions and plenty of style.

Here are some tips on creating a bedroom both mum and child will love!

Choose an upholstered bedhead

The upholstered bedhead is usually a popular furniture choice for adult bedrooms, but they can easily work in children’s rooms too. A soft, furnished bedhead can make it a little more comfortable to lie with your child for a bedtime story. It can also act as a soft barrier for children if they like to move around in bed while they sleep. No more bumping heads against a hard bed frame!

The third reason mums love an upholstered bedhead, is because a moveable bed base allows for ease when changing the bed sheets. Bedframes can be a nuisance to work around when putting on a fitted sheet. Hands get pinched and caught between the mattress and frame. An upholstered bedhead is smooth and soft, saving mum’s hands when tidying up – and little hands, too, as they learn to change sheets themselves.

One can never have too much storage

A mandatory aspect to all children’s bedrooms is storage. Furniture that can store books and toys is a great bonus for mums! Anything that helps keep the room organised and avoids it becoming a clutter zone is a winner. Everything has its place when there is enough storage and mums adore bookshelves and chests that can hide a myriad of toys.

A blanket box or side table box with lid can add a stylish touch to a kids’ bedroom, while offering ‘hidden’ space for storage.

Layout is everything

The layout of a child’s bedroom is really important. The standard furniture is a bed, chest of drawers or wardrobe, and some storage furniture or a desk. But don’t feel that every blank space needs covering. Leave a little room for light to bounce off the walls, and for imaginative play to take place. You also want to ensure there is plenty of room to open cupboard doors and move easily between the doorway and the bed.

If you’re looking for kids’ bedroom furniture and accessories that are stylish and functional, check out the range at Hip Kids. It’s the go-to children’s bedroom furniture shop, mums love to purchase from!

Looking for stylish, practical kids’ bedroom furniture? Look no further than HipKids!

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