Kids Bedroom Ideas for Their Dream Room

Kids Bedroom Ideas for Their Dream Room

21 Apr

When it comes to designing your child’s dream room, you want the best! After all, your child’s bedroom is a reflection of who they are and how they live — so, why not make sure it has everything they need? That’s where our range of kids room decor comes in. Today, we’ll be sharing the best kids bedroom decor for your little one’s bedroom refresh. From kids bedroom storage to wall art that suits all styles and tastes, leave none of your kids bedroom ideas unchecked. Now, let’s dive in and begin planning your kids ultimate bedroom escape!

Create a Themed Space with Fun Kids Bedroom Decor

We have no doubt that creating fun kids bedroom ideas is a delightful experience. However, parents sometimes find it easier to decorate for kids when a theme is established. Allow your little ones mind to wander and explore different themes such as Under The Sea, Truck Mania or Princess Castle and see how HipKids bedroom decor pieces can fit into that theme. 

Once you’ve found a theme that your little one is excited about, begin accessorising. Add a touch of comfort with a personalised Juno Canvas Bean Bag like Studio B Interior Design on Instagram. Or, take inspiration from The Deane Edit to make a Pink Jungle theme come to life with our Scout Pale Pink Velvet Bed. The possibilities are truly endless for kids bedroom decor once your theme is established. So get creative and start brainstorming! 

Juno Canvas Bean Bag Styled by Studio B Interior Design


Utilise Kids Wall Art for Easy Decorating

If you’re looking to add to a theme or spruce up an existing bedroom, kids wall art is the way to go. This can come in the form of kids wall art or decals. What’s the difference you may ask? Wall art is hanging pieces of creative art, however, wall decals add charm to your little one’s space through wall stickers that can be placed on and taken off with ease. You can easily add character to your kids themed room with wall decals. Customer favourites include Pom Pom Dots and Cetaceans Stickers in Blue

Cetaceans Stickers in Blue

It’s easy to express their personality and utilise free wall space with wall art or decals, especially if your little one has a specific theme in mind. View our full range of kids wall art and decals here.

Involve Your Little Ones in Tidying with Easy Kids Bedroom Storage

Let’s be real — kids and tidying up usually don’t go hand in hand. But, fear not! With a bit of clever thinking and some positive reinforcement, you can get your little ones to take pride in keeping their room clean and tidy. One of the key things is using easy kids bedroom storage for toys and clothes so it’s simple for kids to put items away.

Zac Toy Box_Isla Beau Henry

Luckily, HipKids has a large range of simple, easy and stylish kids bedroom storage solutions for you and your little one to choose from! Utilise our Zac Toy Box like little Isla who has hers personalised to fit her bedroom aesthetic. The HipKids team also recommended the White Morris Bookshelf, perfect for storing children's books to match any themed room. It’s that simple! With a little creativity and imagination, you’ll ensure clutter-free bedrooms in no time!

Make Storytime Comfortable with Kids Bedroom Rugs & Teepees for Kids

To make sure their room is not only functional but cosy too, try adding in accessories for storytime and play, like kids bedroom rugs and teepees for kids! These bedroom additions will make their room stand out and create a space where your little ones can wind down for the evening ready for bedtime. You can even combine these cute products to complement each other just like Indi and Ori. These two little ones love our White Pavillion Teepee with the Quilted Cotton Playmat, creating the perfect little play corner in their bedroom.

White Pavillion Teepee by Indi and Ori

The Best Night Lights for Kids

Making sure your child feels safe at night should also be considered when re-decorating their new room. The best way to help with this is to incorporate the best night lights for kids in the corner of their bedroom, or on the bedside table. Not only can it help children who have nightmares sleep better, kids night lights can also ensure that parents and toddlers can walk through the bedroom safely when it gets dark. Our range includes the best night lights for kids in all sizes from the Fairy Duski Dream LED Night Light to the XL Mr Maria Miffy LED Lamp. Just look at how cute the Mr Maria lamp looks in little Nora’s room! View the full HipKids range of kids night lights today.

Mr Maria Miffy LED Lamp_Theresa Mai

Choose Your Kids Room Decor with HipKids

Allowing you and your little one to envision a dream kids bedroom is not only exciting for them, but also allows you to see their imagination and creativity. By choosing a theme and unique kids room decor as well as practical and cute storage solutions, you can create the perfect room for your child with HipKids. Explore our wide range of kids bedroom decor today!


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