You’ve furnished your home in Hamptons style but have come up across the hurdle of your kids’ room décor. Here is the answer!

Matching Your Kids Room Décor to Your Hamptons Style Home

21 Aug

Hamptons style living is a modern design trend that has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of people thoroughly rework their home furnishings to establish a beachy, serene feeling. Coastal life, in a suburban environment, speaks of a calm atmosphere that invites those who walk through it to watch their cares float away on a gorgeous sea breeze. This style is somewhat minimalist, framed in hues of blue and white and has an organic feel to it.

That is, of course, until you factor in the kids’ room décor.

It’s difficult to translate those feelings of peace and ease into what are arguably the most chaotic spaces in your home. Beautiful throws, calming artwork and a sea-style colour scheme can be lost amongst the hodge-podge of toys and miscellaneous ‘kids stuff’ that abound in these very lived in spaces.

It is possible, however, to translate a Hamptons vibe into your kids’ bedroom décor if you know where to look. 

Hamptons Style in Kids Bedroom Décor

You need to start with a clean slate and work your way up from there, keeping in mind the design for the rest of your home. This may require some imagination and creativity on your part, but it can definitely be done. 

Consider your storage as the first port of call (please pardon the sea pun). Adopting a smooth, functional approach to storage in your children’s bedrooms is your first step on the journey towards adopting a coastal vibe. Similarly, beautifully hued bookshelving units (that can also be personalised) will also work towards building a clean, fresh space. 

Consider the key role that artwork has to play. A gorgeously finished wall rug might be what you need to replace the worn-out stickers and baby-hood leftovers that currently adorn the walls in your child’s bedroom. 

Wicker baskets are very ‘on theme’ when it comes to Hamptons style in kids’ room décor. They can be used for display or storage purposes – a versatile piece that is well and truly ‘Hamptons’ in nature. 

Your Whole Home in the Hamptons

It is possible to build your entire home around this popular theme – you just need to know where to start when it comes to your children’s bedrooms. Remember that your goal is a somewhat minimalist, calm, beachy feeling and work from there. 

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