Kids Trikes – Little Wheels For Your Big Baby

Kids Trikes – Little Wheels For Your Big Baby

27 Aug

Kids Trikes – Little Wheels For Your Big Baby

Kids trikes are a rite of passage for toddlers the world over. There’s something universally adorable about watching those chubby little legs pump furiously on the grass as they hurtle through the backyard. There are a wide variety of kids trikes available but it can be difficult to know what to look for. Here’s what to be aware of (and what to avoid) when you’re buying a kids trike.


Enhancing skills

Very young children need to work on physical developmental skills like balance and coordination. It’s difficult for them cognitively to pump their legs in the circular motions required to push pedals. A balance bike is the superior choice for a toddler. This will help them with the ‘stay upright’ core strength skills required to ride a ‘big kid bike’ in later years. The continual placing of one foot in front of the other will promote healthy development of muscles and motion skills and they’ll also be able to experiment with forces as they position themselves to go or to stop.


Ride-along pals

It’s rare that you meet a toddler who doesn’t want to drag approximately one million toys with them everywhere they go. Choosing a mini kids trike that has a basket is a great idea so they can store their bits and bobs while you’re off on an adventure to the milk bar. A word to the wise though – when the remote control or your car keys go missing, make sure this is one of the first places you check.


Sustainable materials

Too many children’s toys are made with plastic. Our culture is finally moving past the obsession with the plastic-fantastic. Selecting beautiful wooden toys made from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials is a far more ethical choice for the modern family.


Kids trikes for a new generation

Sturdy, dependable kids trikes can last a long time. They may well become heritage items that are passed down in your family, representative of a beautiful, precious time in life when the kids are little and the dreams are big. But today, they represent a much needed outdoor activity where kids are free to explore their backyards, perhaps take the occasional tumble and then hop right back up again. Building resilience, building confidence and getting some fresh air into those growing lungs is what childhood is all about.

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