Turn Meals Into Memories With This Olli Ella Lunch Time Hack

Turn Meals Into Memories With This Olli Ella Lunch Time Hack

19 Apr

It’s not always the sweeping grand gestures that leave lasting impressions on children.  Often it’s the little moments that make for life-long memories. Special time spent with mum and dad can make a big impression on little minds and it can be as simple as playing in a park, swimming at the beach or going on a picnic. Every child loves to pack a little bag and head outdoors for some lunchtime fun with their parents. And with the picnic basket being an essential part of the picnic experience, your child will love this super cute Piki Basket by Olli Ella that they can carry all on their own.

How to pack for the perfect picnic 

Picnics should be fun. Ideally you don’t want to spend this special time going through the same lunchtime struggles that you may face at home. For this occasion, why not let your child choose the foods they’d like to bring! Cut up their favourite fruits and veggies into bite size pieces and you’re ready to go. It’s also a good idea to let little ones bring along a few of their favourite toys (toy cars are a great option) to play with while you’re setting the food out and getting organised. This little Mini Chari Bag is the perfect way to tote treasures to and from a picnic as it can act as a shoulder bag or be strapped onto a bike or scooter and used as a basket. As it’s from the same Olli Ella  range as the picnic basket, you can select a matching colour for the perfect picnic set.  

Create a beach themed picnic for more family fun 

Heading to the beach for a family picnic? Create the perfect beach theme by collecting seashells, making a scavenger hunt checklist or even packing your child’s lunch into a sand pail as a special treat. For a little more beach theme fun, sneak these Olli Ella ocean themed stickers into the picnic basket and have your little one decorate their sand bucket as a pre-lunch activity.

Turn your picnic into a jungle spectacular! 

If a seaside setting isn’t your thing, jungle themed picnics might be more your style. Pack animal crackers and bananas (for your little monkey) and have them bring their favourite jungle-themed soft toy along for extra fun. As a special surprise, gift your child with this entertaining jungle themed Play'n Bundle filled with a colouring pages, crayons, binoculars, alphabet cards and decals to provide hours of imaginative play.

You don’t need a special occasion to make long-lasting memories with your little ones. Visit HipKids to see their complete range of Olli Ella products and get inspired today! 

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